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  • d6325s d6325s Jun 1, 2014 8:56 AM Flag

    Michael Kors internet search traffic shows sudden declines in April and May

    Actually according to google trends web search report the search traffic is also now significantly declining starting around this April and May and supports exactly what was just stated. Anyone who wants to see it for themselves can go to the google trends tool and simply type exactly this "michael kors outlet" and hit enter then after the first chart appears select USA instead of worldwide and you'll get a very good graphical view of what the trend is in the USA. Is simple shows the amount of searches looking for a store over a period of time.

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    • 7-26-14 , Saturday 1 to 5 pm I visited a very large mall. Mall was packed with people but Kors and Coach were very very dead. I randomly looked at them between the time I mentioned. This was a very major mall and and not an outlet discount mall...

    • On 7-19 to 7-20-14 I again visited our malls with Kors and Coach in close proximity both stores were very DEAD when there was high customer traffic in the malls on both this past Saturday and Sunday! I spent hours making observations between 1 to 6 pm...

    • 7-19-2014 (Saturday 3pm) Made my rounds at the malls checking out KORS and Coach. I found a definite trend of only to buy from them at the discounted Outlet Mall Stores, in the regular full price mall stores I made several passes at different times looking at both stores and they WERE ABSOLUTELY DEAD! Once there were like two people shopping in the Kors and Coach stores and that's it, the mall at the time was packed with people and it was hard to find parking in the mall lot, this was a major mall. I noticed Dillards which is a major mall anchor store had gotten a lot of KORS merchandise in and because of that maybe wholesales for Kors is up but no one was interested in that merchandise and I was there several times during that mall visit, there was also a Coach display nears the Kors display in Dillards and no one was looking at that either. Now i n another mall which was an OUTLET discount mall (about 20 miles away) there were some people in both Kors and Coach, sign in the window of Kors said up to 50% off and the sign in Coach said up to 70% off. There were less people in those then I remember from last year and the traffic was moderate to light in both and both were somewhat balanced in customers. The price of the Michael Kors clothing is high and the quality does not match the price, there are a lot of stores selling womens clothing similar to this and there is a lot of competition in this market!

    • Now what? Sell or Buy? SELL because even though it just received a lot of downgrades there is still much uncertainty until the Auguat 5th quarterly report and conference call takes place. When the reality hits it will drop 25 points!

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      • You definitely have a point in your Google trend research as I believe one of the firms that downgraded mentioned as such. But now we have a standoff between those who have downgraded and some who stand by previous estimates. So from my point of view I don't believe anyone. It will take earnings on the 4th to sort this out. For me, I hoping to get closer to 93 to get back my money and bail before earnings. This has been too much as there are other companies such as NOV that I bought at the same time as KORS that has down nothing but go up and I have gotten a dividend and a spinoff DNOW to boot. I call this my boring stock but Im up 4K on this one and down 6K on KORS. Good luck.

    • MY NEXT PREDICTION: KORS to $30 by or before this Christmas. KORS merchandise (handbags) lack newness in their design, forced discounting from the competition against Coach will continue to harm the brand image, KORS cators to a much younger women who does not have the financial resources an older adult women generally has, the high priced handbag status symbol TREND is falling apart in general for both Kors and Coach!

    • Slow traffic is normal across the board at this time of year. If you saw customers going from Kors to Coach, that is something I would do before buying my Kors bag to. Men are not shoppers!!!!!!

    • I went there. I went on the chart and it shows a 43 for July compared to a 34 last year. Tough to glean too much from that.

    • get my heads up emails about alerts like these for for retail stocks and ways to big profit from inside track information. mailme at d6325s at yahoo

    • I try to be as accurate as possible.

    • Again I visited Michael Kors , one in an outlet mall and one in a regular mall, on 7-12-14 and compared to Coach (right across in both cases) I see Coach gaining ground on Kors but overall the trend seems to be down maybe for both from this time last year.

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