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  • darkouttonight darkouttonight Nov 16, 2005 10:54 AM Flag

    uc flop

    I don't see big pharma traveling through clinical trails with an Isis antisense compound. As you see, big pharma doesn't like the taste of the Isis large molecule drugs. I still think that Ibis is your only hope for the future. Mean while, it would be great to see the greedy wealthy Isis insiders cut their pay in half until they have a commercialy viable antisense drug. The Crooke bouncing around the Isis factory with his 4' frame thinks that the smaller Isis stockholders are fair game. :<(

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    • full disclosure? are you a former isis employee. you seem to have a personal animosity ofr the ceo?

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      • 1. No.

        2. <"animosity"> Heck no,I have great respect for him. I am amused and amazed by the Little Napoleon. Ya see ... when he struts around with his patented yellow, five-inch elevator shoes, I just about double up with laughter. :<) I like the way he throws back his head, puts his hands on his waist and barks like a junkyard dog. He leaves a shadow long after he's left the room. I could fill a best seller book with his antics.

    • Cybils Boyfriend was Mr Crooke that why hes so upset. Sucks having 4 ft boyfriend taller than you. Mrs. Crooke find out about you darkie poo- the broom closet dance- disappearing in the night? I will expose you in more ways than one. Sweetcheeks

    • re " don't see big pharma traveling through clinical trails with an Isis antisense compound."

      Actually I think a company like Pfizer might indeed want to partner for 301012. It would be a natural for a acompany with a good franchise statin like Lipitor which is being threatened by eventual generic status and competion in this area per the recent disappointing Lipitor trial results which backfired on them. They have a waning pipeline, Cox-2 problems and a difficult competition for Viagra. They have previously bought out companies like Esperion for their novel but early stage apo-A1 Milano HDL lipid treatment. As I've said previously an oral 301012 flop if it should occur and/or a flop of the UC enema would be buying opportunities because the real value is have 301012 even if injectable along with Tiger. I consider all the rest including the diabetes drug gravy, perhaps very lucrative gravy but uncertain enough that that I'm discounting it all. I think the history of 1st generation phosphorothioate backbrone antsense flops might make for hesitation on 301012 until pivotal studie are in but the data so far is impressive as of course is Tiger.

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