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  • stockmktgenius stockmktgenius Jun 2, 2006 6:41 PM Flag


    Legg mason in total owns 4 million. to see for yourself, look to the left column and click "major holders". when you read nonsense from dark or duck, it's just noise. when you read this or that argument that isis is going broke or antisense doesn't work, it's just noise. what you gotta look for is where the smart money is. there's no smarter money than richie freeman, and he's in isis in a big way.

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    • Thanks for the very respectable message.

      Hey, I grew up in a town so boring, we had to drive to another town to see their parade and it had no street sweeper.

    • A another good down to earth post.

      One point of interest is, " I'm afraid antisense may be rendered obsolete even before it is perfected." You have repeated my post almost verbatim on this board from the fall of 2000. Yup, almost six years ago. :>( you might say, the more the Crooke changes the more he stays the same. Oh well. :>{

    • Yes we follow other stocks. We have been buying VPHM and IDIX in pharma and shorting SHOO. We are almost done liquidating our current position in ADM. We tend to buy and sell the same stocks over and over, but over time we have had positions in thousands of stocks. Isis has been a cash cow, but we have liquidated positions at a few cents on the dollar more than once. We actually hold positions on average for about 6 months, but Isis is a little bit different.

      I don't think Stan wants a partner right now and I don't think big pharma wants to partner with Isis at the moment, but I could be wrong. You are right, if you don't have insider information it is hard to tell anything about a biotech company for sure. They defy conventional financial analysis. Short term, I am putting most of my hope in TIGER, but I doubt that it will give the stock the uplift that a drug would. Some success with Tiger could shore up the balance sheet and give a much needed psychological boost.

      We mostly deal in market psychology. It is more predictable than just about anything else in the market. We seldom hold on to a biotech through phase III. We sell before the news as a rule. Isis may be the exception. It seems to have an extremely good risk to reward ratio. We may hold some Isis through Phase III, if 301012 gets that far along the path.

      I'd say you are in the ball park, I guess I'd give 301012 a 30-35% chance right now. The problem is that you never know when something will come out of left field and blow you away. I'm afraid antisense may be rendered obsolete even before it is perfected. Fact is, it is pretty much impossible to know anything for certain in biotech. Biotech and quantum mechanics have a lot in common, the best you can hope for is to predict probabilities!!! Uncertainty rules.

      Stan is no worse than most biotech CEO's. Being a hype artist is part of the job description. I don't think he has run the financial part of the company very well, however. They have thrown a fortune away and the balance sheet is a joke.

      London's west end is my favorite place in the world. Maybe that is because I grew up a poor country boy in a place so boring that one year the major attraction in the Memorial Day parade was the new street sweeping machine the town had just purchased.

      If we are lucky, Isis may prove a greet long term investment, but it is anything but a sure thing.

      Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I see you've been around a long time. I never did trust the guys in their pajamas jumping in and out, although I read in the wsj that there were a few people who could do it long term for a living. So maybe you're one of them. Do you follow other stocks or just mainly work this one? There is alot of good impressive science out there and it's all a gamble. It would be nice to always buy low and sell high, but I can't tell when significant events will occur. I think there are enough things cooking that one or two might come our way. Maybe genasense, maybe tiger, maybe a partner. It would be great to wait for positive p2 results, but I think it would leak and there would be a run-up before the announcement and even then I'm not the kind of guy to jump in on the news. So since it's all a gamble what do you think the odds are that Isis will hang on, that anti-sense will develop to be a significant workable platform and that Isis will be a major part of it? I think it's about a one in three shot. It scares me that Crooke is a hypester. He's chilled out some lately. Maybe you hire a CEO to 'communicate' and maybe that means banging a drum, but still big pharma doesn't hype. I'll be in London next week. Hope you make money on the fluctuations. If the physicists could figure that out for their space we'd be outta here.

    • mike_mulligan_and_maryann mike_mulligan_and_maryann Jun 11, 2006 8:01 PM Flag

      thanks for the explanation / thoughtfulness...

    • Thanks, liar, braggart, and dumbass!!!!

    • I wish you continued success as a Tomato Bug

    • Sorry, braggart, liar, and now we must add "just a bit stupid" since your DD on Isis consists of "Well, it didn't work in the past so it can't work in the future"!! No wonder you stay with mutual funds!!! Whatta guy!!! Whatta dumbass!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
      D..U..M..B..A..S..S!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha

    • Pardon me IWellwe. Suddenly I feel very guilty
      I may have to stop posting. If your background consists of chasing tomato bugs and pulling cotton, I can sse why you are a loser in the stock market. Please accept my condolences and apology.

    • Perhaps, but not a better lookin' bug anywhere!!! Wiseacre!!

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