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  • lwe1lwe lwe1lwe Jul 21, 2006 4:32 PM Flag

    Hey, Sourdough,

    Take a look at post #110 on marketwatch. Now, tell me exactly why you stand in awe of such a dumbass!!! Your admiration is damm sure misplaced!!! Grow up old man!!!

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    • lwe1lwe, I wrote a two page response to your post, tried to put it on the board and Yahoo lost it. Well, this time I will try to keep it a little bit shorter. I gave up awe and admiration a long time ago, but I do think Darkout does a very good job of standing up to the crap many people dish out at him every day and he does so without getting mean spirited about it. That is more than I can say for the "long term longs".

      Do I think he is hurting bad? Yes I do. It's empathy, not admiration I feel for him. No one plays this game for a long time without taking some pretty bad hits. Ever loose a million dollars on one investment? After you take the big hit come back and tell me that Dark is a dumbass. If you still think it is the case that he is a dumbass, I will accept that you are probably right.

      I think he is doing exactly what he says he is doing, trying to save the newbies from what he endured. Myself, I've decided you cannot save Newbies, they have to learn to save themselves. I also think he is trying to exorcise his own demons. We all have them. Dog must have waded through 7 years of posts to dig up those gems, is that how a normal person would spend his time? I wonder what his demons are?

      Take care and have a good weekend!!!!!!!Maybe we will all get back on the same board some time.

      Take care and have a g

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      • Hi sour,

        You're right! I'm only here to save the newbies. :<} Heck, I'm on vacation and enjoying it. I read a small part of the dazed misinformation the other day and had quite a laugh. Gosh, he has an imagination that won't quit. His compulsion to catch me in a wrong drives him up the wall. Ever since you nailed his butt to the barn door... he seems to have lost it. In the meantime, Zack loaded up Friday on Vical to the tune of 23,000 shares. Yes, Isis is still in debt big time. I'm glad you are helping to protect the newbies. Take care. :<)

      • Sourdough,
        You bring up some good points, however I strongly disagree with you that his goal is to save newbies. He is simply venting anger and fustration. Most of us including myself put him on ignore long ago as we became weary of listening to his rage. He has no impact, no life, and no following (except perhaps yourself)!! Give it up!!!
        P.S. Sorry for calling you an old man but I happen to be an old man too so that is allowed! (both ways)!!!

      • Hey,even I can learn--it's lose, not loose!!!! Yahoo cut off the bottom of my post.

        Take care and have a good weekend!

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