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  • ldfmd ldfmd May 10, 2007 12:18 PM Flag

    When are you going to


    When are you pumpers going to learn
    that EVERY time Crooke opens his mouth the stock goes DOWN. He keeps his wallet open for his big fat paycheck. Compared to other similar size NASDAQ companies (LOOK at CRDN which has fantastic earnings and whose CEO/management do NOT get the salary that Crooke pays himself for ?????) Crooke is the MOST OVERPAYED CEO of ALL TIME!

    Questions you should ask at the ANNUAL MEETING ( I predict none of you gutless wonders will ask them!)

    1. How come there is no PURCHASE of ISIS� stock by insiders, management or members of the Board if ISIS has such great prospects?

    2. If T-5000 is such a terrific product how come Bruker has hardly mentioned or promoted it.

    3.How about telling the shareholders exactly how many �big Pharma�s are talking to ISIS about partnering 30212. After all in this age of translucency and openess for shareholders- the number should not be a military secret.. No need to know who and when.. Of course my feeling is that Crooke counts as talking to a �big Pharma� saying good morning in a hotel corridor.
    I doubt that ANY meaningful talks are taking place.

    4. Would Crooke let us know if he recommend the 5 star hotel he stayed at in London so he could do a 15 minute worthless presentation.

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