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  • darkouttonight darkouttonight Apr 16, 2008 8:45 AM Flag

    More Hot Isis insider selling! :>(

    Our boy Davey Ecker decided that he would grab more printed paper from the Isis freebie bank. Davey boy distributed them in seconds to the long suffering geniuses on April 10-2008 being that they love it soooo much. Chuckle. Thata boy Davey! :>)

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    • I would recommend that you stop being so emotional regarding one stock. A good trader really doesn't even care about the company. All that is important is the momentum either on the upside or downside, based on suppply and demand which is basically how the markets work.

      I bought ISIS long at 16.50 a while back, got out at $20.00, and when the momentum went to the downside, I shorted it at 16.05, and got out at 13.50. I am now back in at 14.00 on the long side and going with the momentum. I have captured $6.05 cents per share profit on past actions and have another $3.56 positive paper value on the current active trade. I am in until the week momentum tells me to get out!

      You should think of buying a software program, and just trade with the lights, and stop wasting your time and others being emotional on ISIS or any other stock.

      Get a life.

    • Looks like the insiders sold before the news and before the run-up in the stock. Looks like ISIS has very ethical insiders who aren't taking advantage of "insider knowledge".

      Some on the board are bashing the insiders for selling. They don't understand the "why" and therefore assume the insider is selling before bad news or only to enrich themselves.

      Arm waiving for attention by one basher doesn't measure up to news or facts, just arm waiving.

    • babsy says dakie hot for sourdodo, what a butt banging dual.

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