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  • darkouttonight darkouttonight Jun 2, 2008 9:19 AM Flag

    More Isis hype NO new news!

    Here we go again! Positive acitivity supports further clinical evauation of said drug. Oh hum. Cripes, ya would think that Isis is run by a carnival (carnie) salesman huckster. Sad. I told you this no news was coming for the last two years. This naive fund manager that bought the 280,000 or so Isis shares late Friday because this no news was leaked, will be surprised for nothing. Sad. Newbies watch out for the hype this morning! :>(

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    • :>) It doesn't matter, Zack alone can buy and sell most geniuses on this board. Chuckle. BTW, Zack had a rough weekend. It seems that, you know who, drugged him again. Zacks eyes are still crossed from that workout. When he awaken his tail was missing! For a dog who's always had all of the tail that he could manage, this was indeed a shocking event. Oh well, I'll let him be for now. zzzzzzzzzzzzz :>)

    • Stan likes to drop a piece of good news before annual meetings, but this year the "good news" may be a little different. My prediction is that Isis will be buying back the factory as well as the trailor park behind the factory. They will evict all the tenants living in the trailors in the dark of the night. Stan will also announce at the annual meeting that he likes to go "on line" using the Darkouttonight nom de plume and that it was just a big joke all in jest. Well, those are my off the wall "world turned upside down" predictions!

      Just joking Darkster!

    • Sorry but it's equivalent only to a high school double. Let's hope the kid will grow up to hit a home run. :>)

    • Hi all,

      I hate to state the obvious but for the smart money people, this is not the "news" that is being anticipated by the market. These are early stage cancer results. They are nice results but way to early to build your investment upon. They're like watching a high school kid hitting his 3rd homerun for the day. A good start but don't pencil his name in for the 2018 mlb all star game just yet.

      So, with all the news to come this month, what does the board think is the BIG NEWS? As Ross Perot would say, "I'm all ears!"


    • Sure I will take the blame, but I think the DOW being down 140 points or so may have a lot to do with it!

      I was planting tomatoes yesterday! Do they look gross! I took a bunch of those 5 gallon white plastic buckets that ice fisherpersons sit on and cut the bottoms off. Then I stuck them on top of the tomato plants and tied row cover fabric on top. That should give them shade, heat and protection for a week to ten days! Funny looking field!

      Good luck all!

    • Ok . . . Potted will BLAME it on Sour!

      Sour, will you take the "honors" today. . . and be the REASON for ISIS trading at such low levels!

      Across the Bio-Board. . . most positive cancer research results are DISCOUNTED! . . . UNLESS the results are from Phase III trials! . . . In the cancer field . . . too many positive early phase cancer trials ( Phase I & II ) have FAILED or not DELIVERED the good results in Phase III trials. . . Now Potted thinks that both ISIS drugs will be successful eventually! . . . but sadly, the market does not have the "Mind of Potted" . . . at least NOT YET! . . . but someday!!!

      Just more OPPORTUNITY to buy MORE!

      Go to the Head-of-the-Class with ISIS!

    • Because it is trading at $14.00.

    • i guess you knew what you were talking about dark guy.

      • 1 Reply to hollygrail10
      • Yes, I think I do know the score with antisense drugs. I'm more concerned with newbies who get sucked in by this old expected data. Take a look at the newbie fund manager who bought 280,000 Isis shares late Friday because he thought he had been given leaked "revolutionary" drug news. How would ya like to have this so called well spoken financial expert handling you retirement pension? Sad, but I can't save them all from the hucksters. Amen! :>(

    • Maybe it is "due", but hey, what do I know! It is all the same 2 me!

    • wow - thanks for the clever report - and to think, I was just about to buy a few million shares!

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