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  • no2sound no2sound Oct 31, 2008 2:50 PM Flag

    Good weekend all ...

    I'm off early today!

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    • We are going out to work on that. We couldn't take off until after pumpkin season.

      My general advice cheap, sell high. That requires buying when your brain is telling you to sell! Obama won't be that bad. Bush has done more damage to the American finance system than any Democratic president in the last century! If we don't clean up the system and fix the health care distribution system nobody will have didleysquat!

    • Have a great trip! Did you break ground on the log cabin? I'm taking tomorrow off. Don't want to be suckered in to buy or sell!

    • Actually a few days work...It still has more in it. I'm just out.

      Maybe they didn't reset the clocks!

    • Not a bad day's pay! I wonder where the Darkster and the Plant are today!

    • Got 10% out of BRKR...

    • There is always hope!

    • Sour, you give my opinion too much credit. I really know nothing. I just think the US is in deep trouble with an O presidency. Deep deep trouble. How the market performs is any body's guess. I live near Detroit and have seen first hand the problems with a young, inexperienced, spoiled rotten, everthing given to them leader can do. He is now in jail by the way and planning for a run again when he gets out. There is no hope for the US. He has not a clue!

    • I tell you, Obama will be good for the market! Clinton was good for the market! Bush was not so good for the market. Money is made at the bottoms and not at the tops! Things will turn around....they always do!

    • As you read the tape, no2, please remember that our trading strategy for Isis is different than at other, less volitile times. We trade many times fewer Isis shares than at other times and are sitting on shares longer as a rule. We are not significant traders with respect to Isis at this time. The volitility in Isis and the market is making us more than enough two bit tomatoes (They are larger and more tasty than crumbs). We just keep buying and selling the same shares over and over again. It takes no brain power at all at the moment. We are letting the market do the work.

      Remember, no2, reading the Isis tape is a very difficult task right now! Trading in general is very difficult right now! All we are doing right now is playing the odds, hoping that we have regression to the mean, and that we continue to be lucky! Be careful to not overthink the Isis tape right now. You are very right in trying to observe when there are individual players that are liquidating large individual positions in single stocks. We have been making decent profits by watching biotechs across the board and moving in to day trade stocks where we think we detect short term distribution patterns that are depressing a stock significantly for a day or two.

      A note to Jetman with respect to his continual carping on the cost to us of trading Isis short term. Think about this, Jetman. We try to buy on the bid and sell on the ask. When there is a penny spread between the bid and ask, it costs us nothing to trade Isis! When there is a two cent spread between the bid and the ask, we make $2.00 on every Isis 100 share round trip trade, even when it isn't moving! Those two bucks can add up at the end of the year! The volitility is causing the spreads to open up! It is increasing our margin. Lately, we have no trading expense at all, Jetman!

      Invest and hold is, in normal times, a fine strategy also, Jetman! However, with respect to the universe of stocks and the market lately, if you had employed it for the last 10 years, then adjusted your return for inflation, you would be holding the very short end of the stick! You are fighting the odds, just like at Vegas, if you are a long term investor in the market lately. Perhaps this is not the case if you are a very long term investor, you are young, or a corporation investing (and hence had a perpetual life, at least in theory) and have picked truely "Investment grade investments" for your portfolio. Those are the kind of firms that Ben Graham would have picked! They tend to have boring CEO's and pay dividends!

      Remember, Jetman, I don't consider Isis as investment grade, it is a Speculation, so different rules apply to Isis! You can hold Isis "long term" and still be rewarded very well, if Isis is lucky! But it is a very risky speculation, no matter what the IV board participants keep saying....or shall we say, "what the IV board participants keep cheerleading about, and pumping"!

      Good luck all!

    • Enjoy your anniversary!

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