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  • jetmanbash jetmanbash Dec 12, 2008 8:42 PM Flag

    Bernard Madoff

    If only Mr. Madoff knew how to get crumbs fast he wouldn't be in this mess. t

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    • Oh, don't worry about dark Bernie boy. He has a few billion $ stashed away. Ya see, Bernie is a super salesman with an "revolutionary" product. Wink. :>) Bernie's attorney stated that, "Bernie is a man of intregrity." :>( I guess Bernie must be a modern day Robin Hood. Oh well. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz I think I'll go buy some more Vical. :>) Sour, where you be? Hope all is well!

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      • I'm still here reading this and the IV board. The newbies don't need saving right now, as Isis is doing fine. You and Zack don't need a wingman to deal with the local FUBARs. I have come to realise the IV fanatics will never respond to reason. They worship the God Isis, his son upon the earth, Stan, and those fanatics wish fervently to drink from the holy grail, 301012. Reason is blaspheme for any religious fanatic. Not all IV regulars are fanatics, but enough are so as to make that board hostile to all others.

        I obseved this board for a long time before joining in. Schroedinger and I are returning from whence we came. If there is a need, I'll return.

        Somewhere over the rainbow
        Skies are blue.
        And the dreams that you dare to dream
        Really do come true.

        Good luck all!

      • Sour, if you are in read only mode...SWHC reports tonight! FYI!!!

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