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  • makemony222 makemony222 Jun 9, 2009 12:36 PM Flag



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    • I did cover some of the SPY shorts, shich along with ALNY is the other side of the trade!

    • BTW, I wasn't "smart money", I never went short!!!! Had more important business!

    • Hey Inguy, did you take my advise to go short Isis? LOL!

      I didn't have a share, short or long when I suggested the smart money was short Isis! I'm long now and ready to buy them back down to $10.00 if need be.....LOL, as usual!

      Good luck all!

    • Ah but when they do get a drug approved
      then isis will be seen as having the possibility of having 18 other drugs that could get approved! Then what? $100.00 a share?? Isnt isis only a year away from this catalyst?

    • Well said sour.
      You definitely chairman of the board.

    • In from the field! Thanks for the wish of luck with my crops. Luck is very important when you farm. You have less control of your fortunes when you farm than when you trade.

      Sorry to see you go. You may not be reading this, but if you do, please think about a few things this summer as you read the other posters on this and the IV board.

      Yesterday and this morning I was mirroring the longs on this board. What is mirroring? It is when you take a persons comments, then reverse them into a mirror image of their statement and reflect it back to them. I agree, it is pretty hard to deal with posts that are consistently irrational. I made a lot of irrational and oblique statements yesterday. Read the posts on this board by the longs. They lack, for the most part, any concievable rational basis. They are inconsistent and no more rational then many of my statement made yesterday. Look at Inguy's responses to my posts. He insists that I am short and a basher, but he has no conceivable rational basis for saying I am short. For months, maybe a year he has called me a bashing short and rained verbal abuse on me. I gave him one hit in response yesterday. A person that makes consistent assertions without basis in fact, in my opinion, is stupid or delusional. Just my opinion, but Inguy went balistic. He has consistently said much worse about me. I just turned it around this time and sent it back!

      Look at SMG, he only has one comment. That Dark is a paid basher. What is his rational basis?

      I started calling the longs pumpers. They have been calling me a basher and a person who aids a basher for years. Well, are they exempt from being called pumpers if they call others bashers. It is just as hurtfull to be called a basher when you believe you speak the truth as it is when someone calls you a pumper when you believe what you are saying is true.

      I would like to say that I think Potted and no2 make consistently rational statements. Also, if anyone would like to discuss such topics as what the appropriate discount rate to use with a biotech such as Isis, when developing a discounted cash flow analysis, or proper modeling of a cash flow statement for a biotech that is in Isis's position, I'd be happy to participate!

      Lets have a little rational discussion on this board, not just name calling and vitriol!

      Well, you may not be reading this, but in any case, I wish you a good summer!

    • sour & darkman tell the truth. Do not be a phony scum bag all your life. Your mommy smack you wid dirt make you tell truth.

    • Dough,
      I'm afraid I have to agree with Stockmarketgenius. You are getting increasingly juvenile and irrational in your posts and I'm gonna put you on ignore as well, not however because I disagree with you but because your posts just aint worth reading anymore. They are a waste of my time. You're as predictable as dork as you just have to bash Isis and LTL's and you seem to have little else to bring to this board.
      Good luck with your crops.

    • Goodbye to you also. One less person to be abused by and to lie about me!!

      It is alright for them to call me a short and a basher, but I am not allowed to call them pumpers!!!! LOL, double standard!!!!

    • Some time ago, when Isis was far lower than it is now, I put you on "Ignore" after you recommended I sell. I figured you were just a more intelligent alias of dark. Now, after reading your posts for a week or so, sorry to say you're back to "Ignore." You're abusve and disrespectful to your opponents- calling them "pumpers" and "idiots"- and not particularly thoughtful. Not sure if you're one of dark's aliases or just a tough-talking kid. Either way, I want no part of you. Isis has fascinating pros and cons to debate, but I don't choose to debate them with someone who's abusive and not particularly intelligent. Goodbye. Maybe in a year or two I'll look again to see if you've grown up. I suggest to others who also have tired of Sour's low class, rough style that you also put him on "Ignore".

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