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  • sourdough27a sourdough27a Feb 18, 2010 1:58 PM Flag

    Management has Cooties in their hair!

    They have to seriously think about getting rid of the Cooties or we could be down here for a while. They should think about rethinking how they have been running the business end of the company!

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    • Jetman, you have been much more personally demeaning of me than I have been of either Stan or "Market_Stan". Does that mean that you exhibit all of the properties that you have accused me of, only more so, or is Stan exempt from being criticized while I am fare game for criticism from you? The next question is, do you consider Stan to be superior to me and hence exempt from criticism, or does it mean that you are superior to me and hence may criticise me while I am inferior and cannot be critcical you or Stan?

    • Redemption is not yours to give, Jetman. I will look to my salvation elsewhere. You have been demeaning and abrasive without cause.

    • Every time I try to find a redeeming quality in you sour......I can't. I can only tell you that if this were real life and not virtual you would be a real pumpkin head not a virtual one. I'm done discussing anything with you. For an old man you sound like an adolescent. t

    • salty boy...........

    • After the next annual meeting kissing Stan's butt and telling him what a great job he is doing, report back to the board if it tasted salty. I want to know if Stan is sweating the prospect of Carl Ichan taking over his job.

    • You know Jetman, have you considered taking a little profit next time Isis is up in the high teens? A little profit in the bank can take the edge off of having to hold the bag when it is under $10.00 and you can buy 2 back for every one you sold. That way, a person can feel good when the stock goes down and good when the stock goes up!!!!

      Perhaps you are crawling all over me and giving me so much trouble because you are feeling a little sour about this whole downturn in the price of Isis stock. I have been very positive about Isis lately! Maybe your problem has very little to do with me, but instead is a slow burning malaise over having to hold the bag while some individual reload their bags at bargain prices. It could be you are experiencing sour grapes!

      Think about it!

    • Now that you have presumably calmed down, has it occurred to you that I have no interest in seeing Isis consumed at this time? It would kill the golden goose and there would be no more golden eggs. You were getting your bowels in an uproar over nothing. I was just stating the obvious.

    • I don't think the FDA can butt in and stop a trial that the DMSB hasn't said is dangerous, but the sponsor can consult lt to see if the trial's worth continuing.

    • The FDA certainly does express concerns before all data is in. When I see it I'll post it a few times. They don't sit idly on their hands. A recent gout drug raised issues with the FDA and that product is not anywhere near as far along as Mipo. The price of the company got shell-shocked. Again, Mipo is not going to be for your average dyslipidemic patient with two or three risk factors and no index events. It will make an excellent product IMO for people with multiple risk factors and for secondary prevention of further CV events. There's enough of those patients out there to make this a hugh success. t

    • No not a tirade, no caps. I don't think the market was overly impressed with the results but the market has its own mind and alot of investors don't know what was accomplished. DNDN went up 10 points in one day and only beat their FDA agreed upon target by 2%. HGSI's SLE drugs first go around failed, second go around with a focused study group, those with "active SLE" made statistically significant improvement over placebo. But just barely, they go up 10 points. Whats with that I don't know. The market will view ANS differently if Mipo gets approved, even if only for high risk patients. It's coming. t

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