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  • hollygrail10 hollygrail10 Aug 10, 2010 12:55 PM Flag

    Another Fatal Flaw of Antisense drugs.

    The answer is no one has come a tiny bit close to dark's accuracy in several years. You hint dark walks on water. Why find fault with walking on water?

    How come no denial to dark's suggestion of former antisense data frauld coming from Canada?

    Were you a part of that scam? Dark called isis a disaster in 2000 at $39 a share. What good have you done to match those numbers?

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    • HolyGrail,

      Why should any poster reply to Dark's pathetically tranparent smear attempt?

      His unwillingness to post honest info and discuss the merits and demerits of ISIS is a big red flag to all readers of this board.

      Even his good buddy Sour was buying in the last week.

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      • I've been long for some time and I have been taking a real beating. I should have followed the Darkster's advice and either have been short or should have held off for a while. The Darkster is truly God's gift to the investment world. A man without equal. Good to the core! Kind to man and dog and right with respect to Isis for many years.

        He also heads the volunteer group which cleans the trailer park on Saturday mornings (then throws the trash over the fence and onto the Isis factory lawn) and volunteers at the food pantry on Wednesdays (he wears an apron with large concealed pockets so that he can "obtain" vittles for the Friday afternoon beer fest at the trailer park), and he helps little old ladies across streets (and once in a while hits on the better looking ones that are under 90 years old).

        God's gift, no doubt about it!

        Good trading all!

      • face reality he knows antisense you do not. i agree, why the jealousy of dark? He has worked to save newbies. Losers in stock are mad at dark. He knew, you didn't. Cry on the pumpers shoulder not we winners.

      • Ices, I agree that no one has to respond to Dark's smear campaign. I do note that the "fraud" he talks about occurred in Switzerland, not in Canada. I know Dark is very busy with his science and charitable endeavours and perhaps he can be excused for his geographical and historical faux pas.

        It is unfortunate Dark and his alter ego(s) have polluted this board. I imagine the founders of the American constitution had Dark in mind when they fought so hard for freedom of speech. Idiots reveal themselves through exercising freedom of speech. The founders knew that, that's what makes the constitution so appealing in all liberal societies.

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