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  • buzzmd Mar 17, 2011 12:38 AM Flag

    darkout fraud

    darkout has posted over twenty (20 ) posts about Dr. Dorr, former Isis employee. He has cited Dr. Dorr's job title at Isis. He has posted over twenty posts about him but can't seem to remember what his job title is when questioned. What is the relevance of this? Ask dark.

    What is your fascination with dr. dorr and why? Why did you post that he was interested in vical?

    Please comment on your twenty plus posts regarding dr. dorr, former employee of Isis.

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    • buzzmd Mar 18, 2011 1:22 AM Flag

      Lets see if I understand this. You don't have time to read all of the posts here. But you do have time write 643 posts on the Isis board.

      Let me do the math. Actually no. You read'em all dark. 643 posts. I would say you are a bit obsessed. Actually no. Completely obsessed.

      We report you decide.

    • buzzmd Mar 18, 2011 12:02 AM Flag

      In a debate one side presents their views or topics for the other side to scrutinize and to make their rebuttal. However, in this forum when darkout is confronted with extremely unusual posts about Dr. Dorr, over twenty posts, he evades the topic. To this date he has not explained his posts when questioned about this peculiar behavior.

      Why is this relevant ? darkout has made many wild claims and presents himself as an individual in the know concerning Isis. Some of his details are quite intimate and one might presume that he is a former Isis employee. His detailed rants about Isis personnel and his too frequent name calling sounds very unusual. Is it professional to call the head of Isis a "midget". Does this type of behavior lend itself to that of a credible person. It does sound like a disgruntled employee. At the very least it appears as this person has major resentment.

      I am willing to give him the benefit of his rebuttal. From other's posts I can see that I am not the only investor who would like an explanation for certain posts. For example:

      1. Why over twenty posts about Dr. Door ? In most of these posts you ask : Has anybody seen Dr. Dorr"? What is your fascination ?

      2. Your statement that Dr. Dorr is interested in Vical. How do you know this ? (why this is relevant) darkout is hyping Vical on a regular basis on the Isis board. Dorr is a former Isis employee. (if you do not understand this correlation then please ask for further clarification. I will be happy to cite his dates and previous post locations.

      3. When you darn well know who he is darkout why would you ask "what was his job title is" ? You post over twenty times citing Dorr and now you can't remember what he did. In your own post who spell out quite literally and correctly who he was and what his job title is.

      Sour you are welcome too. I see you also have posted about Dr. Dorr. Seems you and darkout are very close. Or perhaps you just think alike. I was also quite impressed with your knowlege of Dorr's educational background and professional career.

      In conclusion, I would like to thank the people in this forum who also share my interest in darkout's posts. My interest stems from my investment in Isis. I want to make sure that truthful facts are presented about Isis and not wayward and irresponsible chatter affecting shareholder value. It is perfectly acceptable to have opinions both positive and negative. But in my opinion they should be presented honestly and without the intent to deceive. Just my opinion. Good night folks.

    • The thing I don't know is if someone at Isis knifed him in the back after he left Isis. San D may be a large town but it is a small world.

    • buzzmd Mar 17, 2011 12:56 AM Flag

      Motive and bias. No credibility. Or do care to explain your fascination with Dr. Dorr, former Isis employee.

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