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  • jxkchicago jxkchicago Jun 7, 2011 1:37 PM Flag

    Custirsen Summary from Dr.Kuvasz

    The news about OGXI's 011 at ASCO is positive for ASO drugs.

    1. 011 is on track for commercialization at the end of 2012.
    2. 011 may work in synergy with other cancer drugs in the prostate space therefore increasing its use and revenues.
    3. 011 is a biomarker because it can be measured for efficacy by the decrease in protein expressed in the cells. This measure is favoured by payors (government and plans) because it allows the drug to be more targeted in the group that is suppose to be benefited. This adds value to the drug, increases funding and chances for European and FDA approval.

    Dork, you are right to look at the less than satisfactory record, but you are stuck looking in the rear view mirror. MIPO and OGXI's pipeline will change ASO drugs in the near if not immediate future.

    It is too bad you are stuck looking in the rear view mirror. The normal investor is not, they want to know how to make money moving forward.

    To use an analogy, if you were driving across the Alberta prairies, if you looked in the rear view mirror, you would be missing the beauty of the foothills and looming Rockies. Sad!

    I know you are independently wealthy from VICAL and your investment advice services. But don't mislead others.

    011 is on track for commercialization hopefully by the end of 2012, not 10 years as you wrongly state.

    Dork & Co. wants you to think isis has no hope, sorry!

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