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  • coldpizza22 coldpizza22 Jun 17, 2011 8:55 AM Flag

    As God stated:

    As God stated:

    its not where a stock has been but where its going ..... I see $17/$18 this time next year.

    PS: True Blue Americans ♥
    cold pizza.


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    • It could be that high, for all I know, but a year is a long time in financial markets, so I will be happy to just lick the crumbs off of the floor for now.

      I listened to about half of the cc. Nothing new was said. I still have to say that it is my opinion that Stan does not really care all that much about the money. In my opinion, as long as he has enough in the bank to pay the test tube bills, he isn't going to push the envelope and that means the LTLs will have to wait for maximization of shareholder value.

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      • Hi Sour my friend,

        "Stan doesn't really care all that much about the money." Ya mean the geneiuses money don't you? Cripes, Shorty and youknowwho have made off with 3rd world dictator wealth. Did you see those 7" elevator mocasin high heel shoes? You would never know the amount of sponge stuffed in them besides. Jeepers, one time he bounced so high when he walked that he almost landed on Zack. Chuckle. Thank goodness one genius was there to catch him before he came down on his head. As usual, this annual meeting was the regular Isis dog and pony show, more on that later.

        Get ready soon for the 23rd year of insider selling freebie Isis stock that's not their fault. Chuckle with a chortle. After the meeting Shorty congratulated himself & youknowwho on achieving 23 years of no validated proven antisense drugs. Yes, here comes the next generation that I warned all about 12 years ago. Sad. Oh well. ZZZZZZZZZ

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