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  • jmmjm jmmjm Nov 14, 2012 10:38 AM Flag

    What is wrong with ISIS today?

    Do you ever get the feeling that when you buy, the stock goes down, and when you sell, it goes up?
    Bought 2000 shares today at $8.58, which I thought was a bargain.

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    • Nothing is wrong! It´s all about Kynamro. Isis now expects EMA approval only for HoFH. Some of the only Kynamro focused analysts maybe lower their price targets.

    • Are you crazy-- that was an awesome conference, even the food. I was really impressed with Isis management and significant pipeline. I feel really good about this investment, even Kynamro still has a green light going forward-- and could grab more market share then Aegr product. Very strong buy for ISIS. Short-term trading games being played-- but I can easily see ISIS trading above $13 in coming weeks.

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    • Just hang in there, very positive presentation of ISIS at Lazard conference-- and well received. I bought after the conference myself. Stock could easily shoot up big in coming days, very little downside risk at this point. The really smart money however, is holding ISIS long-term.

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      • the conference was another waste of time an shareholder's money. The ONLY potential blockbusters in the pipeline. --the metabolic drugs were not discussed and are 3-5 years away (If ever)....from fruition. The lousy management is reflected in the share price..Any other biotech Management would have this company in the$60s. Too many non-disclosures..example carcinogenicity. Of Kynamro.... Plus non performance. Survivin ,T 5000 and Affinitak are just a few exampleso

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