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  • sourdough27a sourdough27a Dec 6, 2012 8:41 AM Flag

    We never really have gotton out of Recession and Schroedinger and I don't think we will.

    At least not in the mid to short term. The Obama tax increases should tip us into an economic morass from which there is no foreseeable exit without economic restructuring and austerity. If you subtract out deficit spending from GDP our economy is in slow collapse. Too much of our economy is dependent upon transfer payments and unproductive segments such as health care, government regulation and ineffective and expensive education. The proposed federal tax increases, which are punitive and a form of class warfare, when combined with large increases of taxes at the state and local level will leave the private economy with insufficient capital to sustain growth in the productive private sector. The golden egg laying goose is in the process of being starved to death. The only bright spot is the potential for USA energy independence and export of excess energy resource. Agriculture and extractive industries are the future. Great gains have already been made in agricultural land values. Energy is our next bright spot!

    Schroedinger has never been wrong on an fundamental economic projection. Prime agricultural land has gone from $3,000. and acre to $10,000 an acre over the last decade while the market has been stagnant. Energy is our next great economic growth sector. The market thinks short term and will sell its soul for a 1000 point gain in the DOW. We may still have a few of those going forward, but beware of the market, it is a reflection of the economy and the economy is a dead man walking. It has been kept animated by the machinations of Chairman Bernanke, but the barbarians are definitely at the gates of Rome although it may take some time for those gates to collapse!

    Everyone have a great day of trading and investing!

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    • It is difficult to say for sure because this is an iterative process, but it appears that the tax scheme will drastically affect capital formation for small and medium sized firms which have been the drivers for employment in the private sector other than health care which is now classified by Schroedinger as quasi-public sector. This will gradually be the tipping point. Like the Titanic, when the tipping point is reached, down she goes, nose first!

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      • I so agree! I have been arguing the punitive aspect of the tax issue until I am blue in the face. No one else could see it. Well now they do! The 2%, at least I, am sick and tired of being vilified. I do not think they have any idea what will happen when the spenders just stop! We will stop just to be punitive too!!!!! I am so sick of many of my fellow Americans. They will get the country they voted for...unfortunately, so will I!!!!

    • We figure the real acceleration in the decline will not begin until mid 2015, so plenty of time to make trading profits but one should be careful to have a seat when the music stops.

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