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  • gladpick gladpick Dec 18, 2012 6:57 PM Flag


    Check my past posts on this board. I was always positive about ISIS and lambasted Dark on several occasions for his negative comments about ISIS. On October 16, 2012 I was shocked to find out that the FDA was raising question about cancer issues about the drug. Cancer issues about the drug????? What the heck were they taking about? Sure enough the details revealed that the #$%$, Stan Crooke, wirthheld the cancer issues from us, the shareholders. Apparently, he wanted to keep the stock price up so he could continue cashing in his freeby options at high prices for as long as he could!

    Of course on that day I sold all my shares at a loss. Had I known about the cancer issues I would have never bought any ISIS shares. Stan Crooke withheld material info from us and there is no excuse for that.

    As as aside regharding Dark's input: his negative comments about ISIS were always personal and did not include any substace/facutual info. For example, if he were so smart and having worked at ISIS before being fired, why dindn't he raise the cancer issue in ANY of his negative posts? Had he done that I would had never invested in ISIS.

    As far as where do we go from here, I can tell you that a lawsuit will be filed against ISIS for withholding material info. Good luck if you are long.

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    • The IV board threw me off on a complaint and chose not to let me post. I could have posted using another ID but I knew that Yahoo at that time was the best way to get said negative facts posted. Just to inform you again, I have no use for 99% of CEOs and their directors. If I were to see the Isis CEO needing help on the road I would be glad to help him. Gladpick or as I referred to you as poorpick over the years, I have explained in close biotech detail with regard to the flaws of antisense at least two times a year. Too bad you and hundreds of other victims over the years refused to research my advice. It was my good deed donated to people like yourself , some were saved. Remember , there is a higher power ! Good luck.

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      • Darkouttonight, you post at the same time Seeking Alpha has an article out. Interestingly, they and their many consultants and employees speak of ISIS as having a working product.

        You rely on man-kinds failures which pre-date the deeds of late. Did the Titanic sink because Man did not know how to work with steel? Did its sinking mean, we never would learn?

        You need to post something to explain your position. You know, like 1 + 1 = 2, that kind of thing. Without any logic or reasoning, you look like a basher or a long who wants stock as cheap as possible. Or maybe a mental patient. You have less than no credibility. In fact, with a handle like that, I think you watch too many vamp movies and need to get a life.

        The seeking alpha article demonstrates to me, ISIS may be undervalued by 3-4 fold. Whoever breaks through first in antisense, in a dominating position, will generate massive value. Everyone knows this. Everyone, except you.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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