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  • darkouttonight darkouttonight Dec 20, 2012 5:22 PM Flag

    Dark, you and your handles need to get to work "snap" ~

    However, I could not save all like I saved Lilly over $300 million. Remember when I warned Isis ceo not to go forward with a 2nd 301012 Crohn's. Yes it failed like I knew it would but the sad part is it cost Isis public stockholders another $30 to $50 million. Plus, guess who received a huge bonus for furthering the 2nd dark one. It's Christmas so I won't go on with all the rest. In the end no good deed goes unpunished. Chuckle with a chortle.

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    • Whoops, Lilly did not listen to me so they lost it all. It was a classic, the long suffering poster with his 73 plus IDs shouted to all, "Who would you believe, the Lilly scientist or Darkout." OUCH ! Oh oh, I'm thinking of more classics while Zack is rolling over & over with laughter.

      Vical sits in the drivers seat as some investors learned today. : )

    • "like I knew it would"

      Explain with precision, HOW you knew it would? Be careful here, other than your 32 handles, all three of the rest of ISIS following is watching!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • But you will never admit when you cost someone 1.5 billion because for you, its all guessing and after the fact self back patting. Any idiot can post both ways for years, then point to their lucky guesses and self pat. Of course, you are not any idiot. If I am wrong, point to your post where you showed precisely why ISIS would fair? Oooooooooooooooooooooops LOL !

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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