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  • darkouttonight darkouttonight Jan 5, 2013 3:06 AM Flag

    Crooke says hype for 24 years but will never buy one share. dimpatty.

    His advice not worth a dime. "Crooke didn't specify what steps he would take to get its stock price to rise." Answer is easy, try buying your first Isis share out of your pocket in 24 years. Next, bring forth the first viable successful antisense drug since 1984. Hello. What a joke ! : ) Gilead & Novartis dumped Isis like a bad habit. The list is long, check the history. : ( Whoops, another lawsuit just added to the list. Duh, I wonder why? Answer, : You can make more money by suing then you can by buying the stock. Remember, Crooke did not want to do these partner deals in 1998, he stated, " There's no money in them." Ouch ! Now, that's the only way he can keep tooting his horn, bringing in the newbies and cashing out at the same time. Sad. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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    • "Suddenly" he found he could not make the drugs successful. End of story for the pumpers.

      i agree with darkster . Dark has caught the insiders left and right for as long as i can remember. A new piece of flesh comes along to be educated again. I see your panic buttsterbs.

    • Suddenly, the money was there. He took the deals. What deals have you done with your "thousands of cases" you have been *involved* in? You cannot sell a pack of gum on an NY street corner, much less, ice water in he**. Antisense worms in mammals, even cold ones like you. Its working right now to keep you alive, down regulating your stupidity. You pick on Crooke for not doing deals because there was no money in them, then for doing the deals when there was money in them. What kind of #$%$ curses both ends? The deals, Glaxo, Biogen, Sanofi etc... these are SUBSTANTIAL with the largest kind of drug companies on the planet.

      The net sum of your obvious rage is, the founder of the company has not bought shares with his own money. I suspect there are a couple million examples out there, such as Jobs, Gates, etc... who did not put money in after initial financing at the VC stage. You want VC Stage skin in the game, he has his whole head in already. Case in point, its being sued along with the rest of his body, for saving 130+ patients from certain death.

      For all your experience, if you had severe FH and your cholesterol was soaring, YOU WOULD BE TAKING KYNAMRO and you refuse to fess up to that point.

      You have narrowed your arguments, Counselor. You negated the very reason Crooke took the deals, which you claim, he unconditionally promised never to take. He did set a condition. "the money" had to be in it. 2.5 BILLION later, 2.5 times ISIS market cap, he has 3 deals done. He can do hundreds more. HUNDREDS. What part do you not understand? You are painting yourself into a corner, wherein, everyone can see you are an enraged hater. Nothing more. Go hate Mcd for putting evil pink goo in their boogers. Leave real researchers alone.

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