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  • boxcarlong boxcarlong Jan 7, 2013 1:51 PM Flag

    The Antisense story , and related ribozyme story I researched in approx. 1994.


    yip yip yip ..... old stories & old fairytails never die in the minds of those who proclaim themselves the expert of experts with multi-tasking yahoo posting's.

    boxcarwhillie ......... lol

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    • Boxedout.

      Old antisense drugs never die they just fade away in the dark of night. Chuckle.

      Protect your family by reading Vical's future. I know you won't answer the age old question, "How much $ have you lost by not following my advice"?

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      • Darkster

        I have actually made a whole bunch on money by trading ISIS. I bought after the restructure some 14K shares and rode the 301012 train into the low Teens before selling a large portion of my position than sold the rest as Genzyme came onto the play'n field. Have been buying the stock from $7 to around $12 and trading some shares for a profit. over the past 5 years.

        The train is ready to leave the station again and I want to be on that train in my own private rail car ......................... loaded up the Boxcar

        boxcarwhillie .................... lol.

      • It's interesting that you call it *advice* as this may constitute a violation in many states. Do you have a series 7 to go with that *advice*? Think twice, "researcher" before you tell people how to invest. regulus is kicking VICL's buttocks, oh, and they use antisense, just like the cells in your body. Please explain with scientific facts why Regulus is outperforming VICL and why Fidelity just bought close to 500,000 shares of ISIS. But you know better?

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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