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  • barristerbs barristerbs Jan 6, 2013 10:09 PM Flag

    Assume FDA grants license to ISIS for Kynamro, assume they are required to further study for any ties

    to heart attack, liver failure and cancer. I see this as the end to the class actions because the FDA can only say there could be a connection and it requires vast amounts of data to be sure. Note that Sodium Saccharin, artificial sweetener has shown in many modern human studies, not to cause cancer at all. The high average RR claimed in studies for Saccharin in humans is 3.3 Hummm? So the FDA allows artificial sweeteners which supposedly (yet recently questioned) cause cancer in humans, consumed by hundreds of millions of humans including the unborn, purporting a maximum RR of 3.3 but finds fault in Kynamro with the same apparent figure, if there is even a connection at all?

    Anyway, I wonder what ISIS will leap to with the expected approval and language from the FDA? The EMA license would then be more easy to obtain because the panel would feel the heat. Why suppress a product that works as well as the drugs. amplifies the drug effect by as much #$%$ fold and in truth, may have no negative side effect at all, or at worst, appears to have the same cancer risk as artificial sweeteners? Makes one really think about how the money involved, effects the obtaining of a license.

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    • That is one of the most vacuous arguments I have ever read.

      I have dumped market longs across the board with the exception of energy related holding and some mining interests.

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      • 12% "vacuous" increase in Price Per Share today, 8 January 2013. Sourdough... "ever read" anything lately? Read this: 12% increase in PPS. Vacuum up your loses, old boy.

      • I disagree with you. Barristerbs discussion and comparison brings in an historical perspective on a commonly used product with the same RR value. The "vacuous arguments" comment by you does not appear to have any substance. The fact that you have "dumped market longs across the board with the exception of energy related holding and some mining interests" is anecdotal and not relevant to ISIS, a pharmaceutical company. I don't know what you have "ever read", but certainly it doesn't seem to have been much about the FDA NDA process or its adjudication of same. I will stick with ISIS.

        I do think that "dumped" describes your position well, as in "Dumper". When considering the motive behind a class action suit by a law firm it is essential to remember that their motive is anything but pure and certainly devoid of even the tinest shred of altruism. They are not interested in the investors whom they vociferously claim to represent. Class action attorneys are only one step below pond #$%$ in the evolutionary scale of things and they are the true Masters of "vacuous arguments". Could you be a member of that Order of the Ancient Slime, er.. a... the legal "profession"? Only an attorney, or a wannabe, would even express themselves by using such a term as "vacuous arguments". Real people just say: "Wind Bag". Thanks, barristerbs for your penetrating analysis and sourdough27a, you hang in there. I am sure you have a come back illustrating even more your mastry of the "vacuous arguments".

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