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  • wanna_million wanna_million Jan 15, 2013 8:13 AM Flag

    Is it ISIS time 2013?

    This is a post from Investor Village by Jetmanbash that I found to be a very good summary for new investors. Jetman, if you are here, I hope you don't mind me sharing your insightful thoughts.

    Re: When you sit back and look at the recovery of stock price

    Only schizophrenic because traders make it that way and Dr. Crooke has been misunderstood. Everyone wants an instant success and if you talk to many PhD researchers they'll tell you it takes about 20 years to accomplish anything with something that is very new. ISIS has had many failures, but they weren't total failures. Something very valuable was gained with each so-called misstep. The richest guy in my town is worth over $100 million. Prior to that he went bankrupt three times trying to get one invention after another off the ground. Every time ISIS had a failure they learned from that. The JNJ return of the diabetic drugs was 200 million dollars of "free" research. The SGLT2 drug failure gave ISIS the ability to know the kidney very well in regards to how ANS drugs work in it. It used to be when Dr. Crooke talked about absorption of ANS drugs he would mention that they get into highest concentrations in the liver, NOW he or anyone at ISIS start out with the kidney when they talk about absorption of ANS drugs in various organs from their research and the highest concentration going to the kidney, not the liver, that wasn't learned all that long ago. The original LLY failure, wasn't a total failure they received a nice lab facility :)) One of the latest failures, the failed alliance with ALNY with ssRNAi drugs showed ISIS a whole new platform. Those drugs may help treat some of the most mysterious and hard to treat diseases that may account of some of ISIS big movement as of late. The failure of those three diabetic drugs were because ISIS figured out an even more potent version of gen 2.0 to 2.0a. And because the new formulation was so good they were "forced" to go with it. Any employee of ISIS will tell you that they have a hard time keeping up with Dr. Crooke. These are really intelligent people and all of them will tell you the same thing. But as much as wall street thinks he is a mad scientist, they don't really know him like his employees do. You go to any hospital and want to know who is the best doctors.....just ask someone from the housekeeping crew, they're not stupid, and very much in the know. They'll tell how it is. Same concept in regards to ISIS employees. They know what they have in him as a leader. And when you think of any biotechs that are into RNA technology, one way or another they owe something to Dr. Crooke in their being there....even if Dirk the blogger would never admit that. The other misunderstanding with wall street is Dr. Crooke's optimism, noted to be too excessive before. Dr. Crooke was 38 years old when he started ISIS. He was young and very enthusiastic. How would any of us do starting out in a completely new business IN OUR GARAGE at thirty eight? And what wall street will never take the time to figure out is that enthusiasm is what gave him the energy to continue on and survive when others would have dropped out and vanished long ago. Lick the lawyer thing, move mippo forward for the platform's sake, and then on to the really big drugs, and hopefully a hero's welcome for someone who doesn't quit.

    Addendum to above: If you want to see a company that took a really long time, and God bless them but read the first paragraph from EXEL's presentation in regards to their timeline:

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