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  • barristerbs barristerbs Jan 20, 2013 4:56 AM Flag

    Its comical, they get up at all the wee hours and post their nonsense while the stock price rises and

    per the JPM Biotech conference just held, and I quote

    "Our partner, (Genzyme) is in discussions with the FDA about labeling for Kynamro".

    So its true or false time. If this is false, well, then someone scripted the whole thing from start to finish and investors are indeed, doomed. However, if it is true, it means precisely what DARK admitted to and warned about, if a company becomes first to get a license (ISIS-Kynamro) it is a very, very big deal. Global and blockbuster. Massive. Huge. Seemingly unlimited in its potential, because it will mean the benefits of a well executed antisense trial showed, finally, the net sum efficacy outweighed the risks.

    Even H2O in excess kills. No drug is truly safe. We are, ourselves, one big complex "drug in a bag". Toxify the mix, we die. Optimize the mix, we live and if possible, without pesky disease.

    Really, this is a scary moment for those who gamble on the down side. 9 days left. Then its truth time.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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