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  • barristerbs barristerbs Jan 20, 2013 9:00 PM Flag

    KYNAMRO APPROVAL, I expect the shorts will be caught

    They have to then face all the deals some 10 different big pharmas will want to execute, while ISIS has held on to the indications they feel they can best address, for their exclusive exploitation.

    Nothing seems to be an impediment to a higher range once Kynamro breaks the ice. The short interest literally is the foundation upon which a higher price and more stability could be rapidly achieved.

    The story is simple at that point, one that more institutions and retail can understand. I would expect the retail percentage would improve. Antisense has been used like a shell pea game by the most unscrupulous on wall street. Finally, maybe, its going to be put to its proper use.

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    • Agree with you, the shorts have lived off the fat of the land for decade. They're ignorant and have developed a complacency that will make them extremely vulnerable......and I look forward to it. t

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      • The best part is, they cannot answer because DARK has admitted and foretold, if a company comes through in antisense, its very, very big. For ISIS, who has the relationships already, it's got to be bigger. I cannot buy into the idea that ISIS duped Biogen, for example. Not possible. All that remains is for the FDA to be honest and fair, in comparing Kynamro to Statins and also, to be respectful about the fact that Kynamro acts on different targets than any drug can reach, providing combination therapies for severe FH patients, and thus saving many, many lives. It would take little time to then introduce the single strand variant and work it down into less than severe FH which is where the big money will be. Lipitor? How about Kynamro Light ? For those with cholesterol problems but not directly related to genes? That's a big shaker and mover.

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