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  • sourdough27a sourdough27a Feb 14, 2013 11:03 AM Flag

    Market Timing

    I have gotten there! I am basically 50% short and 50% long the market right now but have not made my liquidity goal of 20% cash, although that is no big deal, since covering or selling will provide the cash in the event of a market brake. Now I sit back and see which way the wind blows although by guess is down possibly big time, and if up, not a significant amount. Isis is pretty insignificant at this stage. We will see how good I am at timing the market, but with these bubbles it is hard to predict movement accurately, so I am leaving a lot of leeway and staying flexible and not making any significant commitment up or down!

    Good trading and investing to all!

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    • It isn't profit until it is in the bank!

    • I'm with you, currently 40% cash incase of a pull back, but won't be disappointed with if it's not a strong one.

      There are a handful of people who get it right all the time. While Warren Buffet has a substancially longer horizon in mind when he considers investing, he was saying today on CNBC that this was a great time to invest and America was the best place to do it. THe groth in this country is slow, but it's better then the rest of the world.

      Also, with the AA and US Airway along with BH/3G And Hienz deal, seems like growth through aquisision will be trending. As long as the DOJ doesn't step in.

      Would be afraid to be short... but don't think it's a bad idea to consider protecting one's self against a pullback with some PUTS. Would rather know the Maximum potential loss and have some insureance for my current investments OR trading some covered calls.

      Margin is a dangerous game with things in limbo, to everyone leveraged: Rock it out & becarful :)

      Everyone who only cares about ISIS - I am at a hold. It could break down into the $12 before it comes back up, but it the 17-18% short interest gets squeezed there could be a quick increase to $17-$19. The short interest has increased, but the prices has seen steady resistence in the $14 for a while know.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Good insight. I rode ISIS up and sold it at 15 and then rebought the other day. I am slowly growing impatient that it wont get going, but thats the way it was before it ran up also. So, I am not sure whether to ride this out or not. The market has alot of potential to go down.
        This crazy stock can go up on a bad day and down on a good day. It is hard to say what this stock will do from day to day.

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