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  • darkouttonight darkouttonight Apr 24, 2013 8:28 PM Flag

    Oh well the 21st time on CNBC with no news.

    I have to hand it to him, this guy can sell ice to the Eskimos. Nope, no real drug just a another story. : (

    Ok, get ready for next weeks pitch, chuckle. : ) He knows that large molecule will be (has) been usurped by small molecule. Did he tell all that this one will never be a viable drug either? Thank goodness for the competition so that there will be more than just dark hope for humanity. Remember, 20% of the diseased protein passes by antisense. Gene therapy is the future ! Want to take an Isis spike every week as there is no oral. Hmmmm. Ouch. : (

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    • jonzkelleeyyzzzzzzzzz jonzkelleeyyzzzzzzzzz Apr 25, 2013 12:09 PM Flag

      haven't seen a scam this big since clsn

    • jonzkelleeyyzzzzzzzzz jonzkelleeyyzzzzzzzzz Apr 25, 2013 12:09 PM Flag

      THIS TURD is going to zero watch!

    • Dark, I always wish you well. I love your sense of humor, your honor in never using bad language, and your dedication. However, I do think you should at least reconsider your position. This is a different ISIS. There have been major advancements made over the last few years including their computer programs in going after targets and ferreting out the best medicine based on several factors, and their improved potency points to a winning combination. This is not a detraction from VICL, in fact they are separate entities. This at this time does not look like a winning proposition for your point of view even though you have been right on ISIS as far as price appreciation of the stock has been concerned for over ten years. The best revenge for you IMO would be to buy some ISIS in a small amount to participate in any movement upward. All the best to you, t

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      • Jet, I keep hoping you take some profits here and there, mainly due to the macro markets, not ISIS. However, I have to admit, every time I go to the ISIS home web site and click on, "Drups in Development" is mind boggling and extrodinarily robust, to say the least. Also, there was an article released today that talked about the 7 secrets to creating wealth....and one of them was...Buy a stock you believe in and never sell. Warren Buffet.

      • Hi Jet,
        Glad to see you're not still mad at me. Must be attributed to the Isis stock stock rise. Remember, I put the Strong Buy on Isis @ $7.16 last March 2012. With regard to buying Isis today @ $22.66 would not make sense versus buying Vical @ $3.65. Vical should make a lightning move up to $7 plus over the next two years. Isis will be still selling targeting waiting for some one to bail them out in the meantime. Again, I for over 16 years have been pro Antisense targeting and feel that's the only way Isis can stay afloat. Dr. Crooke did not agree with me and stated, " I do not want to do targeting deals as there is no money in it." " We want to make and sell the drug!" Jet, you say "Revenge" and I say "Chuckle".

        Jet, I suggest to you that you consider Vical & Me as the great song hit, "Stuck on you" by Huey Lewis .

        Also, I'm glad that a few long suffering Isis longs can now break even but I feel sad for Bosssco & elvis.

        ( Watch out for those terrible antisense side-effects) Take care and be safe ! Darkouttonnight

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