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  • darkouttonight darkouttonight May 7, 2013 5:07 PM Flag

    A dark afternoon for the geniuses. 10+ million added for the insiders to feed on.

    Heck, can you blame them, they sold every speck of freebies that they had hidden... time to replenish their piggy bank. Boxcar loves it along with genius 83 IDs. Praise be for those huge salaries + freebies galore for 24 years with not one viable antisense drug. At least I warned you again. Whoops, that's right, they can't help it, ya see, it was dark auto "planned". Cough, cough with a chortle with a big chuckle. : )

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    • Dumb #$%$ I have sold into profits made a lot of money have lots of free shares do not care about this blemish, I have free shares and profits in SGEN,SRPT,ACAD,ARIA and CLDX so keep playing your little short game sorry you did not cover and hope it drops to 15 so you are even.

    • Goldman Sachs & Company ,,,,,,, I quess their fools too

      darster your such a pathetic investor. I feel bad for you.

      The stock is only going higher with two biggest investment bankers( GS & JPM) in the universe leading the way. Watch what happens when ISIS is placed on GS's biotech buy list. These investment bankers don't recomend second rate stocks.

      The rich of the rich will be loading up on the next Google.


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      • Well, to tell you the truth, Goldman has made their share of dark fool blunders... chuckle. Did you say "Google"? Chortle. Isis does not have ONE viable antisense drug in 24 years much less a non-toxic one. Ouch. Some of the biggest 24 year investment fools for Isis antisense drugs have been the banks. Chuckle. Box, you should becoming wiser, instead I'm starting to feel sorry for you. Did you see the old Isis re-run news this afternoon in an attempt to blind the geniuses away from this latest dilution ? Plus a $2.25 billion market cap for just a story. My, my. : )

    • Dude - Why are you here. You continue to be nothing but a defecating fountain of salt and vinegar. Seriously...Warned us of what? Your VICL is well below where I sold it, has less drugs in the pipeline, and those who listened to you lost money.

      You LOSE people money. Even a blind pig gets an ear of corn once and a while. Dark out or not.

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