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  • stockmktgenius stockmktgenius Jun 26, 2013 12:44 AM Flag

    Dark's Diary

    Dear Diary,

    I feel ashamed writing you. I have lied and lied and lied about Isis- and wasted 14 years doing it. At first I thought I'd just post some rumors to hurt them, they'd be sorry for firing me. But they weren't sorry, they just kept on making progress. Stockmarketgenius compared me to a dog barking at a wagon train as it moved along, that really hurt.

    After awhile, attacking Isis consumed me. I developed aliases like trudywaspaid, nycknowsbest, facereality, coxeo, monkey, and kelleyzzzz who would recommend my posts to give me credibility and write their own. I lived in my own imaginary world. It started taking all my time!

    And then I was contacted by that horrible hedge fund. They wanted to hire me to scare newbies away from Isis, to get current investors to sell so they could keep the price down, so they could buy more shares. "You just have to keep doing what you're doing- and we'll pay you!" they said. And I said yes, I'm so sorry I said yes. Well, at least it gave me enough money to move out of my mom's place and get on my own again, but I didn't make much for all the hours, for all the lies, for all the people I hurt.

    But now my job is getting harder and harder. Isis is at 26, bursting out with 29 drugs, doing amazing wonderful things for people- that APO drug had just incredible results, and SMN and TTR will probably get breakthru status, and deserves it they'll help so many people recover and live healthy lives. And I'm still sitting in this little dark apartment pretending I predicted it all, still trying to trick people, still lying. My alternative Vical has gone to sh--. Most people who have any sense have me and my aliases on ignore or have gone to IV. Oh how could I have wasted so many years!

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    • I feel so ashamed. All the Isis longs have gotten rich, but here I am still living with mom! And all the lives I've destroyed lieing about Isis, recommending Vical. Everyone who listened to me passed up the chance of a lifetime with Isis- and lost all their money with Vical. I feel so ashamed!

    • I am so fantastically bored, repeating the same lies about Isis day after day, month after month. Isis is going down a little, but won't be long before some great news comes out and it soars again. I've lost all credibility with most people here after I recommended Vical, and it crashed. But never mind, there are always new suckers. I don't know how I live with myself...

    • I am such a loser! Now I've taken to pretending Vical is higher than it is, and they're calling me on it! Isis has announced some fantastic news over the weekend. Stock's gonna soar. And all I can say over and over is the drug's toxic, which is the opposite of the truth. Any day now, I expect they'll fire me. I am such a loser!

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    • I am so ashamed! Vical has crashed, and I have ruined thousands of lives. Just look at this chart: Terrible! Horrible! Shameful! I didn't even know much about Vical, just started recommending it years ago so I could tell people get out of Isis, and get into...Vical. How'd I know it would ruin everyone who did??? Most people already think I'm a baffoon, a clown, a liar, a paid basher. They've got me and my aliases on Ignore. Now they'll be sure. I am so ashamed. And yet I go on because...hey, that's my job!

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      • Diary, I am really in trouble now. Isis is roaring back, up 96 cents as I write this thru my tears. Vical has crashed and...people are laughing at me! I try to get out some zingers from aliases truthsayerswin and macrosanuff, but people are on to me- er, them. I have apg-motif go on and on about how Dr. Crooke sold shares, but nobody cares, or they say it was arranged years ago. My time here is thru and (sobs) I'm afraid they're gonna fire me from my job putting down Isis (Sobs some more. Pauses for a whiskey. Falls asleep crying...)

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      • kronykapitalist Aug 17, 2013 2:48 AM Flag

        What a waste of life, posting relentlessly for nothing.

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      • Dear diary everyone knows I worked in the industry. I guess now, after my bad call on Vicl, they must
        think I just washed test tubes. Fact is, that's all I did. That is why I tried to be an expert on here.
        Everything I told investors to do worked in the opposite direction. I feel bad for all the suckers investors, sorry about the slip, who listened to me
        Darkster entered 08-16-2013.

    • Dear Diary, Isis is at $31.70, up 6% just today July 10. I feel empty. I have lost. Isis longs have won. Dr. Crooke has won. All my lies, all my efforts to hurt Isis, and I've only ended up hurting myself. (Takes a drink of whiskey) Selling out like I did to that hedge fund, attacking Isis for money, heck I'd have made more money just owning Isis. I'm so lost. I've been such a fool... (Downs another one, getting drunk now.)

      Most people are fed up with me and my aliases and my lies. They have me on Ignore, and they're right. I wish I could put myself on Ignore as well. I've contributed nothing positive to the world, and have even failed to get my revenge on Isis. Isis and antisense are the future, I can see that now. (Another drink, speech starts to slur) Their drugs can do things other drugs can't dream of doing and their stock is headed straight up. Wouldn't surprise me if it didn't surpass REGN at 237. Christian called me a loser and he's right, I am a loser. I am a big time loser. (Finishes off the bottle and passes out on the floor.)

    • Isis friends, As a follow-up to Dark's Diary, I have just posted Dark's Daily Schedule. I hope you will join me in telling the world just what it is Dark does all day. Most of all, I hope we'll have some good fun for ourselves- at Dark's expense.

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    • Guys (and girls!) isn't this incredible! We're up 6% already today! I bet dark and his aliases won't be posting any of their usual b.s. today! I wonder how he feels when he looks back on his life, empty years spent mostly posting lies and distortions about Isis. Never building anything, just trying to destroy something. Never helping people, just trying to trick them into selling. Such a sad, sick, pathetic life..

    • elites_steal_from_muppets elites_steal_from_muppets Jun 28, 2013 11:00 PM Flag

      PS rah rah vicl down with isis antisense...

      PSS I still do not know what antisense actually is

      PSSS But we hates it forever...

    • Congrats stockmarketgenius . Dark's Diary has become a board staple.

    • LOL! spot-on

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