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  • darkouttonight darkouttonight Feb 28, 2014 11:45 AM Flag

    Hi folks, Isis is way over valued, however that does not mean the dark geniuses are aware. : (

    Did you real the dark humorous press release today ? "Isis added a substantial amount of cash". Big Stan forgot to instruct his high priced secretary that the cash came from selling his no-revolutionary antisense story... not from producing ONE SAFE Drug in 25 years. Oh well, geniuses love to chirp , "Isis is going to $500 a share." This comes from naïve investors that have no clue as to how antisense works. Hey, it's a great world ! Chuckle with a Chortle. : ) BTW, Isis is up 12% this years while Vical is up 55%. Hmmmm.

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    • Total #$%$ dark. Why you choose to ratio isis and vical is ridiculous. Further, why choose to use vicals year to date results when you were plugging it in the 4's. If folks listened to your gleaming advice then their money would have been shredded to pieces. A $ 100,000. investment in vical would have been evaporated to only a mere $ 25,000. These are the facts. Anyone who wants to bore themselves can find his toxic rants and check for themselves.
      I dont mind people who want to make predictions and offer their reasons. But when they are wrong they should stand up and admit it. But in dark's case it is just more of the same. I think the addiction people refer to this as denial.
      I mean no harm to dark. I just want new investors or the gullable to be aware of his carnage. And his ted nuggent style name calling of Cooke is really out of line. Height has nothing to do with intelligence. I suppose dark would make fun of Mr. Stephen Hawking too. One of my heroes.

    • Darkouttonight, that's not bad that VICL has a return of 55 percent to investors this year considering last year VICL lost over 300 percent for their investors, $1.55/Share isn't bad considering that they have one vaccine approved by the USDA to treat dogs for skin cancer and no vaccines approved by the FDA to be used on humans.

      55 million in the bank is not bad either, it will go a long way to pay VICL lawyers to defend them in all of those law suits that were filed.

      Sentiment: Buy

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