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  • CCMIII CCMIII Feb 9, 1998 2:10 PM Flag

    Remove the Rose Tinted Glasses

    To succeed in the market it is nessary to get rid of the Rose tinted glasses and look at the world the way it is; not the
    way one hopes it to be. In Message #86 I raised the question of how much of future earnings would filter down to the common
    stock. Lonewolf replied and suggested that I stop looking at what is wrong with ISIS. Correction - Ignore what potentially could be
    wrong and the market will gladly show you the errors of your ways. ISIS appears to have a very good potential and IF it is not
    serious in hock to its backers then it probably will have a significant move up above the $20 level just before the FDA approval for
    its cancer antisense compounds; a market that is definitely not in decline. As PVINNYA (#150) astutely observed that may not
    come for another year and a half to two years. My analysis is ISIS is worth the wait and the hell with the TV hucksters. Anyone
    that puts any faith in them probably is a Psychic Connection fan.

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      This Drug Delivery & Antisense Company just aquired Immunotherapy with 4 late stage Anti-Cancer compounds with 2 that may
      start phase III clinicals (CTP-37 Avicine for Colorectal and Pancreatic Cancer). News would most likely be in the next two weeks.
      I would expect several Institutions to begin coverage when this event takes place. Since the compound has proven to show no
      toxicity the final approval should come very quickly. The Company has already set up GMP manufact. contracts. Marketing agreements
      with major Pharm. Co's.(ie. Amgen, Merc, J&J, Bristol, etc...) all rumored to be in the works. This stock seems very undervalued
      at these prices and should gain momentum soon. Symbol AVII

    • One other risk we all have is whether current cash is sufficient to keep this baby afloat without finding aditional new
      sources, i.e., another public offering. While management has said sufficient resources are available for 1998, what about 1999? I for
      one was kind of glad that ISIP didn't skyrocket above 20 for fear that management may have been tempted to use the opportunity
      for early, and potentially underpriced, new offering of stock. I'd rather see this stock much higher before our earnings get cut
      in half by dilution. Thoughts? Tid-Bits? Low fat recipes?

      P.S., Regarding Jimmy Rogers consistently wrong advice, Jimmy the Greek was wrong consistently for 20 years, but CBS didn't fire him until he got drunk and showed the true idiot that he was. I say we buy a little recording device (I hear Ms. Tripp has one for sale) and invite Mr. Rogers out for a drink and a little talk. (Must be something in the name, a grown man going by "Jimmy.")

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