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  • joebeans joebeans Aug 10, 1998 2:35 PM Flag

    How's the water?

    I am looking for a Pham stock to add to my portfolio. (long term) Can anyone tell me some more about this stock. What is the upside? Any new drugs in development look promising?


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    • Wasn't aware of it; just going by the movie
      J.F.K., and the reviews of it. My point is just the
      same;here is a man of considerable achievement; a man who
      stood up against the entire county,state and federal
      establishment and fought against incredible odds,even traitors
      in his own office and single handledly almost won
      Unfortunately wittnesses kept showing up dead;as they would
      continue to almost up to today. Every material witness and
      there were many met a strange death; the London Times
      calcuated the odds of all these strange deaths as a couple
      of billion to one. Source : Executive Action. And
      this occured in the rough and tumble, crazy world of
      louisana Politics were crazies worse then our alcupulco
      bob and dinko business abounded.The guy had Balls.AND
      COURAGEOUS WITH YOUR LIFE. Dead or Alive,point is the same .

    • Sorry to bring bad news. Former DA, Jim Garrison, died several years ago.

    • Jim Garrison was reelected after the conspircy
      trial and is today a respected Federal judge.Although
      he did not get a conviction;(Wittnesses showed up
      dead; he did introduce the Zapuder film and to the
      delight of the courtroom destroyed the majic bullet
      theory. Let me ask Mr big mouth;have you been appointed
      by the President of the united States and confirmed
      by the U.S.Senate? Have you ever had a movie made
      about you? Have you ever been elected and reelected to
      an office of public trust? Have you even graduated
      from Law School? I suppose not,eh! Well shut up then
      and stay a quiet loser.

    • Nothing you've said is worth thinking or a warm pitcher of spit .

    • IINDIGO,give it up man,you already made a fool of
      yourself!If you wern't sure you had the right person; why all
      the insults;that suggests a lot of insecurity;think
      aboutit? So celebrating a business deal makes one a wino?
      There you go again half cocked;making wild accusations
      or at least false assumptions. My girl friend was
      right; you're a time bomb;get help.Perhaps you could go
      back to school and submit a paper on your theory; A
      INSTANT ADDICTION. Your not a problem drinker are you
      indinko? More projection? Oh well,I'll let you, i,ve got
      deals to put togeather and been beaten up enough, you
      bore me. By the way, People who use that expression"
      get a life" usually don't have one. What do you do
      indinko draw unemployment?

    • Howie;

      Within your post #1793 you ask, (I
      think you ask) "What are you guys attacking me in
      relays; ganging up om; or trying to; how

      Well Howie, the answer to that question is not for the
      other members of this board to answer, it is within you
      to answer.
      Think howie, just think about it.

    • Howie,

      So, you're a wino, too?
      If you
      will look, you will see that when your offensive
      message tagged as a reply to me was posted, I prefaced my
      response with"If", as in "if you are talking to me".
      You've gone ballistic completely out of proportion to
      all reason. Then you blame things on the wine. You
      are a clown and a hypocrite. Get a life you humorless

      To the poster that called me a jerk for bantering
      here, I've labled my posts lately with <OT> to
      spare you, so bite me.

      There is nothing to
      discuss about ISIP, at the moment. The big news of the
      moment is the mkt meltdown, and the precarious world
      events. ISIP will be worth discussing soon, but not
      today. That said, I too would like to see an end to the
      childishness here. I've learned my lesson at attempts of
      tongue-in-cheek humor in such a humorless environment. This board
      is as dead as the stock.

    • there is no sense to fighting on a board. Nobody
      convinces anybody of anything.

      The board is for
      information on ISIP, not on Howie and all the others, and at
      this point myself included.

      Please, factual
      info on ISIP. That's all that counts. And, perhaps,
      just a tad of subjective feelings about the stock.

    • I started on a high plane trying to give positive
      feedback to give a little encouragement and change the
      Negative mood of this post; and out of nowhere this
      neurotic attacks me for posts that wern't even addressed
      to him. One girl I was with wanted to post to try to
      get him,the help he needs. Then all these other
      creeps come out of the woodwork;with dime store;mental
      health ward analysis.My take is they are probably SHORTS
      AND HAVE THEIR OWN AGENDA; What can I say; I was only
      defending myself;wait untill it happens to you. There are
      some people on this board who are legends in their own
      mind; and like street dogs fight for what they perceive
      as an invasion of their turf! Or as in the case of
      FUTURE SHOCK will facisticly put down any orignal
      thinker or any one different. I"m a fighter and I'm too
      sucessful and experienced to suffer fool. If attacked I
      will fight back.

    • Please stop cluttering the board with all these
      personal and very dumb remarks to each other and start
      sharing what you think or believe about ISIP. That's
      what's of interest to most of us. Not your childish
      arguments, analyses, etc.


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