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  • amerlafrance amerlafrance Sep 27, 1998 7:25 PM Flag

    agricultural antisense

    Last week while driving to work I heard a part of
    a story on public radio. They were talking about
    the use of antisense in agricultural production;
    specifically growing a coffee plant in which antisense has
    turned off the gene which makes the caffeine, thus
    allowing naturally decaffeinated coffee. I did not hear
    who was doing this work but, as with many biotechs,
    agriculture may be a fertile field as well as health care.
    Does anyone know if Isis is doing anything in
    agriculture; does anyone know who is doing the experiments
    mentioned in the story?

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    • Coming from a faggot who loves to gargle big black cocks,why thank you,for the kind word.
      Hope they cure your AIDs problem soon............NOT

    • After enduring periodic bouts of stupidity and
      childish name calling on this thread in the past I also
      would like to ask cyclicPM and nucleotidestring and
      other knowledgeable people to hang around when possible
      and help keep this thread on an informative and high
      level of discussion. If 2302 does well it could be a
      big winner and there are a lot of exciting
      possibilities in the pipeline though as I've said in the past
      the oncology drugs will have to show something
      impressive before I get excited about them. Also I imagine
      we should hear something soon about European
      approval of fomivirsen which while no big deal will
      continue to build Isis reputation as a company that is
      successfully moving drugs into the market. If 2302 should have
      the dramatic steroid sparing effect seen in initial
      P2 trial this can be a first line drug for Crohn's.
      Also I would like to hear something one way or another
      whether 2302 may be useful in RA or other indications. It
      sounds like a topical solution for psoriasis might work
      out but this is also unclear at this point. If money
      continues to move into small caps and biotech we should see
      this comfortably in double digits for a while at least
      I hope

    • under what they are recommending NOT what they
      are buying. Mc camant and the fool touting lgnd in
      the same article are BUFOONS. Their model bio
      portfolios are domn dramaticaly. Thier price targets are
      utterly fucking insane also. The next MSFT may split
      soon. A one to five reverse split! HAHA.

    • Just got my most recent copy of Worth and
      McCant(sp) had ISIS on his "what they are buying list" -
      said buying under $20. ( I know, but I only got it
      because my kid was selling magazines for the school

      I know the attitude from the board was that the old
      "Next MS" article did more to hurt then help - so do we
      see it again? Short term players come in hoping for a
      quick buck only to dump when it doesn't

      why go cyclicPM? We all have businesses to build,
      this stuff gets our mind off it occasionally.

    • Thanks for all the informative posts.

      Please check back in with any comments when ISIS comes out with any news. Many of us will still be around...

    • I agree completely.

    • >>>Can the ultimate power of antisense
      be unleashed if the majority of the aforementioned
      issues are not thoroughly understood? I think not. A
      mastery of virtually every aspect of antisense technology
      will be required before ISIS can say it is tapping all
      that oligo therapy has to

      Ah, I can see that I am working with someone skilled
      in the art of debating. OK, I will concede that
      wringing every last drop out of anti-sense will require a
      detailed, comprehensive - even exhaustive - knowledge of
      the mechanism and how to optimize every step.
      Unfortunately, that will probably not happen in our lifetimes
      and will not help anyone who is an investor in ISIS
      today. The scientist in me agrees with the sentiment
      that you are conveying here, but the investor in me
      does not care.

      My point, before you deftly and
      subtly changed the direction of this exchange, is that
      ISIS will succeed over the investment horizon, let's
      say the next 3-5 years (which is unbelievably long by
      Wall St. standards) by showing how well they can
      convert their technology into profits. If they show that
      they can go from technology to product to clinical
      result to regulatory approval to revenue and then bring
      that revenue to a fast growing bottom line earnings
      number while continuing to feed the cycle, they will be
      successful by Wall St standards whether or not they
      sufficiently understand and optimize every element of the
      antisense mechanism. If they fail in any part of this
      conversion of technology into earnings, even in the face of
      outstanding discoveries about the mechanisms of anti-sense, I
      expect that they will not succeed as measured by stock

      As a scientist, that may be a sad fact,
      but Wall St. is not NIH and biotech investors have
      gotten tired of investing in great technology that does
      not produce earnings during a relatively compressed
      time horizon. The problem that ISIS faces, along with
      every other good biotech company, is that investors
      apply such a big discount factor (usually 30-40+ %) in
      discounting future earnings that the out years become almost
      worthless. And as we all know, the out years are where the
      majority of the value of these companies reside.

    • Does it really matter? You know who I am, too.
      Please feel free to contact me directly if you want to
      pursue additional discussion or debate about antisense.
      I've got other priorities in building a business. This
      will be my last post to this Board.

      Best of
      luck to all�

    • Is there no end to the hidden potential

      to Biobuy: Your point is well taken by me. I didn't
      realize that asprin had been figured out, I thought it
      was still a mystery (at least as an analgesic). ???

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