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  • the_ground_hog_and_the_fox the_ground_hog_and_the_fox Feb 13, 2000 2:45 AM Flag

    after hour trades

    Last wednesday's Wall Street Journal had a
    comparison of biotech companies and listed them by the
    number of patents. ISIS was ranked third (trying to
    recall from memory the other top contenders were Amgen,
    Biogen, and Genentech but they are all giants compared to
    ISIS). Aren't those 180 or so patents worth anything?
    Inventions usually tend to go strange ways after a few
    years. Also if one of the giant biotech companies wants
    to look more sexy in innovation to their
    shareholders all they have to do is to buy out ISIS and they
    get on the top of the list in number of biopatents
    very cheaply.

    For that reason I would expect
    that sooner or later ISIS might be bought out. Any

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    • Patents are granted for protection of
      intellectual property. Of the 450 ISIP patents mentioned, how
      many were acquired from Gilead Sciences? Of the 450,
      how many are in medicinal chemistry, the discipline
      that was pretty hard hit by the recent ISIP layoffs?
      There are 3 "p's" to the equation that you attempt to
      write - patents, people, and profits. The first and the
      last don't work without the application of intellect
      of the middle one. In my experience, companies are
      less likely to seek M&A for the plaques on the wall
      but for the people who made them possible. And the
      risky part of that strategy is keeping those people
      happy or handcuffed.

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