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  • dusk731 dusk731 Oct 26, 2012 1:06 PM Flag

    LTE Revenue

    Daniel K. Marquardt - Robert W. Baird & Co. Equity Capital Markets
    Hi, this is Daniel on behalf of Tristan Gerra. Could you give us an idea of what you mix LTE shipments to WiMAX Shipments was in the quarter?

    Deborah Choate - Chief Financial Officer
    In the third quarter, the shipments were really dominated by WiMAX in particular to HTC and LTE was probably closer to about 10% of our revenues in the quarter.

    Only am wondering how long they can survie..

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    • 2012 talking of LTE ramp up

    • that is why they forcast revenue from 4 to 6 mil in Q4. They said LTE would be greater revenue generator than wimax. I think they need to stop drinking French wine and get into the game or just go private, As they have very little concept of what investors need. Plus there are so many other competitors out there that the networks pic and choose those with the most financial strength. Why am i holding on to the stock? Because the cost of french wine is going through the roof!

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      • Their IR/communications story. If there is a secular growth story to be told, they need to start selling the institutional crowd. We get radio silence for months and then a couple of press releases on product development land the same day they guide down. If nothing new comes out of this imminent tech conference, we will see $1. If Georges is so aligned with sh's, he needs to start moving or sell the company. There must be interest and analysts hinted at this last quarter. I am in at an average of $2 and wouldn't mind cashing out at the same price at this point.

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      • The company has been saying since 2nd Q of 2011 that LTE revenue would not kick in until 4thQ of 2012 going into 2013. We are seeing LTE revenue starting to kick in as of last Q. This Q it was a little more and next Q they expect it to be greater then wimax. Next year they should really see it start to take off. As far as competitors go what is your point. Its not like they do not have any contracts. Give me a break they have deals with ZTE, Gemtek, Ubee, Clearwire, Huawei, Softbank, Global Mobile, Greenpacket, NationZ, Netcomm, Telenet, and now Modacom. Then we are about to get approval with Verizon and also working on landing sprint. Then lets look at where these deals cover. We have Brazil, Malaysia, China, Korea, Australia, Japan, India, and the US. Look at the this Q and the number of tech firms that have seen their revenue fall off and the EPS not come in even close to what the street is. This is not like everyone out there in the tech field is blowing up with LTE business across the map and we are lagging. We are just now starting to see LTE orders pick up. Did you even listen to the CC or just look at the headlines. The CEO is very upbeat for 2013 just like he has been saying for over a year now. We are looking at atleast a million units from India next year. We are looking at 1-2 million from china mobile next year. We are also supposed to have some devices launched on clearwire in the US next year. With Softbank taking over clearwire for the most part they will probably up the LTE service even quicker. Softbank sounds like they wanted to hit the ground running after taking that huge stake into sprint. I bet you anything that if it were not for the global slow down that has hit in the last few months this Q would of been much better. But as things slow down contracts take a little longer to kick in. But as soon as India and china commit to huge device adaptation for LTE next year this company will see its chips start to move is huge numbers and their revenue will show it. They will improve cash on hand and EPS quick IMO. As far as cash on hand their burn rate is not to bad right now and they have cut expenses and its leveled out. They also have no debt. I will take a company with no debt and future growth ahead of them any time. LTE is a secular growth story and we are in the mix big time is some of the largest markets in the world.

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      • Hahaha..good to see that your sense of humor is still intact after the rout..

        So, they had $8 MM which translates into 0.8 MM from the LTE revenue for Q4 is going to be $2-$3 MM (assuming 50% from LTE next quater)...there is a ramp up then but is that sufficient to keep them going till they breakeven is the question..

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