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  • peak_n_valley peak_n_valley Nov 26, 2012 2:48 PM Flag

    georges can't grow revenue, yet he's expanding with headcount

    somebody is #$%$'ing...either sqns shareholders aren't told the truth, or georges is #$%$,ing the Tatarsan PM.....115 employment-lifers in France, 115 blokes elsewhere and georges keeps adding headcount and not growing revenue......whatever it is georges is smoking, is some loco weed...
    I'm quite sure, Matt will have a nice spin to this news, as always.

    Французская Sequans, производитель микрочипов, планирует ...
    Капитал страны-Nov 14, 2012
    Sequans said that of the 230 employees of the company, which designs, only half is in Paris at the central office, and the rest work in development centers around the world. One of these centers Sequans company would like to open in Tatarstan. According to Georges Karam, it draws up in IT-infrastructure of the country, as well as strong scientific potential. At the first stage, the head of Sequans, the center could work 10-20 engineers

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    • Lets see here the company is hiring people and sow how is this not good news? NO company or CEO is going to hire people unless the business is there and the need for new head count is needed. So I do not need to spin anything to this news. This speaks for its self. If a company is not doing great or does not see business picking up they would not need to hire. Your even smart enough to figure that out I hope. They would be going the other way in head count if business was not picking up. So again explain to me how this is bad news. Lets face it the CEO knows a lot more then you or I do how much head count he needs for the business going forward.

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    • Well, check out the new job they have posted in the US for a Product Manager. They must think something is up.
      Actually glad they are in hiring/expansion mode.

    • George can't do it all himself and I'm sure if he could he would and the same applies to any company, 2013 is the start of a revolution in wireless technology and obviously these staff are essential. There were cuts made in the number of staff in q1 to reduce cash burn and I'm sure George isn't throwing money away on unecessary salaries. There seems to be a lot of people just posting negative stuff about this company. What's that all about? If you took the time to listen to the cc's then you would hear that there are no expectations of growth in revenue in 2012, there are loads in the pipeline however for 2013-14.

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      • 1 Reply to troy754
      • Exactly they have been saying for ever now they did not expect to see any real revenue out of LTE until 2013. As far as other listening to the CC that is too funny. Most people do not even listen to the CC of stocks they like. I have on the other hand listened to everyone of of them for over a year. The last two painted a very pretty pic for next year. Hell they are expecting a few million units out of china mobile and even bigger numbers out of India.

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