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  • sheena50a sheena50a May 10, 2012 1:26 PM Flag


    He is the most underhanded crook I have ever seen. He won't buy SIRI like an honest person does, he trys to steal it and is succeeding. Well, I hope he goes bankrupt for all the SIRI shareholders he has hurt by his tactics. He has caused SIRI stock price to collapse and then he buys millions of shares in the future below market value. What a daam CROOK Malone is! He's an old man and thinks he's going to live forever. God knows where he's going in the end for all his deceitful, dishonest and greedy ways. He's really hurt millions of SIRI shareholders, not just me! I hope he gets paid back in the end.

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    • I own 60,000 shares of Siri. What is going on right now is a bit confusing, but apparently Malone made the deal to buy Siri stock at 2.15 last year when it was around 1.85, so he did pay a slight premium. He is just looking out for the value of lmca, and the lower price he can gain control of Siri at, the more $$ he will make and probably the more $$ Siri shareholders will make in the long run. If Malone sees value at buying Siri at 2.15/share, shouldn't I feel that I will make $$ going forward?
      Is there any reason for me to buy 100 shares of lmca instead of buying more Siri?

      Sam L

    • Get a clue. Better buy baseball cards and trade them. That more ur level. Leave investing to people who no how to make money.Yes i make money. I follow Malone. I buy what he buys. SIMPLE GET IT.SIMPLE!!!!!!!!

    • jtbcm May 10, 2012 2:11 PM Flag

      All is fair in love and war and takeovers

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