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  • m1631y m1631y Sep 13, 2013 2:28 PM Flag


    Why do you even care? You come here and bash, if you hate this stock so much why do you hang around? What is your motive? If I hate something I move on and never give it a second thought.... Obviously you have an agenda!!!! What is it?

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    • You don't own this stock but you're here to give your 2 cents. Just can't wrap my arms around "why' someone would put so much time and effort into something that means nothing to them.... From my side of the fence it looks like you have an agenda!

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      • So, for those who don't want to hear an opinion other than their own, perhaps they are the ones that should leave the message board. Just read company press releases and everything will be wonderful & rosey.

      • Several months ago, I got one of the glossy promotional mailings, so looked into it a bit. It had all the traits of a classic pump & dump. It still does. At the time I posted as a warning to others. Since I feel I was an intended victim of pump & dump, I felt justified in expressing my opinion.... Not that anyone needs to justify having an opinion.

        Since then, I have been accused of being a "basher", which does not hold up as an argument. So, I have responded with more detail of why I feel the company is essentially worthless. You can review my earlier posts if you want the details.

    • There a big difference between "bashing" and pointing out negative aspects of a company. Maybe some people are open to hearing more than 1 side of a story .... I am.

      I own a different stock: FTR. There is a guy on that board that says he does not own it, yet often posts about the bad financial situation they are in. I do not call him a basher (others do), although we are on opposite sides of opinion. In fact, I appreciate his posts and the information he brings to the discussion.

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