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  • long4ever00 long4ever00 Jan 23, 2013 9:42 AM Flag

    For a company that has consistently done well fundamentally,

    There are people who wake up every day with one goal in mind--make sure the stock never benefits from such good fundamentals. But it will only be for a while.

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    • You should stay out of the stock market. This company trades at a crazy valuation, the questionable growth is slowing, does not have a CFO, all the founders quit ( without good reason) and has very questionable third party transactions. If anything, the SEC should investigate this company to see if there are any accounting violations. My advice: sell whatever shares you have because it will see $20 before it see $35. Headed to the low teens

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      • profun you have been reading too much Seking Alpha for invesntment advice.

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      • Also, now that we are all in agreement that the company has cocsistently done well fundamentally, except you of course, I focus all my attention on the chart.

        Notice that the it's attempting to close yet again above the all important 200 day MA for the third time in three sessions. The last time it closed above the 200 day MA was on November 1, 2012. So, there is a trend developing here and it points higher.

        You and your fellow short cohorts are doing everything to prevent the stock from enjoying the friut of its labor, and it will not work inperpertuity.

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      • Thanks for your advice, but no thanks. By the way, you wouldn't be holding a short position by any chance?

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      • Take your own advice and get out of te stock market. I guess your holding a few shorts and got caught. I also guess that your saying all the analysts that are coming out and rating this stock a buy with a high $30's target are all wrong. Let's see your positoin in 6 months. You will be the one proven wrong. You and your short buddies will be hit hard. Thanks for your "honest and fundimental analysis"..

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    • I watched a documentary on PBS last night titled "The Untouchables", focused on the economic meltdown of 2008, and the lack of serious effort on the part of US regulators to pursue and possibly prosecute those bank executives who may have been culpable in the debacle.

      What that has in common is the apparent lack of interest in the same regulators to reign in what clearly is a manipulation of the markets by short sellers, even when the company in question has done well fundamentally.

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