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  • fallingleavesinthenight fallingleavesinthenight Nov 29, 2012 3:19 PM Flag

    after split we get 2 shares for 1 at a dime each if they dont hurry.. lol

    This is a disaster I bought when it dipped to $1 then proceeded to oversleep and missed my .10 dead cat bounce. I'm gonna need counseling after this one.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • ive had a nice profit on this one last run up . so i put a stop in , it went to .1.10 i had a stop at .76 bought at .65 so i would make sure i made someting reguardless. on 2500 shares i had about 750 dollar gain. one minute it was up 15 percent and within seconds it droppped so fast my .76 stop was triggered but it was falling so fast it paid me .63 cents i was #$%$. next time i bought .85 put stop .74 went to .74 took my shares and went to 1.44 , then it pulled back to .80 again i put on 1000 since lookied like was holding there . now were at the 52 wk low and its acting badly . where did all the buyers go ? #$%$