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  • seemiketalk seemiketalk Jul 20, 2012 9:23 PM Flag

    New here

    I have found this company interesting and looks like to me there is more upside to the current price after this surprising early approval. It looks like the drug approved would cost close to 120K per year for upwards of 10K people in need or more, so btwn 800k per 1.2 billion per year is what I came up with on first glance. The company on its own could command a market cap of 6.5 billion or higher and that is also low in the M&A department, as some of you may know me from my losing Amylin to BMY/AZN for much less recently on a buyout.(too low imo) Also, I believe that Imclone was taken out by Lilly for about that price, and it appears that ONXX is worth much more. Not sure, if so, but after the sell-off in CELG as of late, maybe some MDs could chose the ONXX drug over CELG drug as well off-label if covered by insurance.

    I will need to do more research, but for now I have purchased some options here and will roll into shares if the stock performs as expected on a run over $85 within 30 days. Oh yeah, is there a investor village site for ONXX too?