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  • kot882001 kot882001 Jun 7, 2013 10:47 AM Flag


    Vin, what do you think about this new "science" guy on that board?- I've red your (and his) posts and since not being scientist (simple tax accountant) would like to hear how credible he is.
    BTW, from hearing CC, management (terrible delivery, BTW) clearly number of time have said that that in few more months the results of "late comers" will mature and numbers for median OS & PFS will improve..

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    • kot882001, yes I read the transcript of the SNTA investment conference and got a look at the data, it sure isn't as bleak as I initially thought. The final phase II data later this year will sure be something to watch. One thing that concerned me was the target group in the phase III trial, If you go to the SNTA web site, you can look at the presentation and conference slides you will see that the phase III selection criteria isn't something new, which is a relief.

      As far as the new science guy, he definitely has some knowledge but I think is it narrow and agenda driven. He made a series of absurd comments, like HSP90 inhibitors are doomed to fail. I would never claim that Ganetespib is guaranteed to succeed or fail as only trial data will determine that. After syaing it was doomed to fail, that person followed up with the comment Ganetespib won't be of broad usage in cancer as it will only be effective in a few cancers with dominant oncogeneic drivers. If true, that would be fine with me, but the pre-clinical and clinical data says that narrow view is likely wrong. That person also claimed that adding "chemo", what ever that broad term means, will negate effects survival benefits of HSP90 inhibitors then claimed everybody in the field knows that. Actually the opposite is true regarding the field and combination data. I made a few rebulttal posts that you can read. The reasons the "science guy" gave for his doomed to fail comment were wrong or absurd.

      Still lots of questions about SNTA but it isn't as bleak as my initial knee-jerk reaction was.