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  • opele1 opele1 Jul 1, 2013 3:28 PM Flag

    A thank you to bearofbleecker

    what an awesome post thanks again for taking the time. I wish more people were ready to help out newer investors. I also like DAL because of the Credit Expansion effort which LUV also does well with I miss spelled the other Ticker LCC or us airways. thinking if that merger goes through with american airlines they will be the largest single airline. I choose DD because of there stranglehold over the Freon Market. I agree timing is everything and I have to be patient here. Hope to have many more fruitful talks. thanks again for the well thought out responses today. If you have any of your own picks for the 3rd qtr I would luv to hear them. have a good day. btw my current holdings are GT, TSLA, SCTY, CLWR