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  • Ed_Atlanta Ed_Atlanta Apr 24, 1998 4:00 PM Flag

    Onxx Buy Signal

    Wow....finally above 45 days moving average on heavy volume. Last trade at 8 + 7/8....I hope we can colse above 8 1/4...above 8 1/ target 9 1/2....

    Expecting good news from ASCO....Remember Onxx has $5 per share in cash, so you are paying a small premium for all the R&D. I think Onxx is a bargain.

    I would not surprise me to see Onxx at $14 to $16 after ASCO.

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    • Will be a pleasant surprise to some Current shareholders when they review their Saturday morning paper to check their stocks. A few will visit YAHOO and look at recent posts to see if there are explanations for this jump on what was an otherwise down market day. Others will call their Retail Brokers on Monday to ask and too many of them will get the reply "Well I told you it was a good stock".

      My belief is the tiny marketcap of this company will increase dramatically upon futher validation of Onyxs approach.(And
      perhaps even before) My LAYMANs reading of earlier stage results tells me we've GOT Safety and A Big Shot at the BIGTIME. People can
      wait for news and buy or sell then, OR can BUY or SEll now. TWO YEARS AGO people were paying $12 to $17 per share for a piece of
      this one because they figured this was a company with a FUTURE! I agree with them. MAY 16-19 for the ASCO Meeting when we will
      have a clearer picture. New York Times Medical Editor wrote article in December saying very positive things about EARLY Clinical
      progress. Three analysts cover the stock all with positive ratings. I'm LONG the stock and welcome others opinions.

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      • I was introduce to Onxx by a friend of mine in Feb 1998. I tracked the stock for the past 3 months and I started buying Onxx 10 days ago.

        Onxx has $5 per share in cash. You are buying phenomenal research for about $3 per share. $3 for 3 years of research with a drug Onyx-015 with the potential to cure head and neck cancer. Onxx is way to cheap. Not surprised by Lehman's $25 target. I believe Onxx will in the $20's next month.

        The risk is minimal on the stock with $5 per share that you are buying at these price. Onxx is has a great opportunity to 3x your money in 1 month How many times have 3x for month in one month.

        I have high hopes in Onxx. It was recommended to me by friends in biotech field that invest in these type of companies. They think Onxx has a bright future.

        Also did you see the new index fund. The name is new economy fund I think. Onxx is part of the index. The index is compose 100 companies. This companies represent what experts beieve has the best cahnce of becoming the next CSCO or Amgen of the future. Onxx is one of those companies.

        I recommend buying ONXX agrresively. The riskI think is very moderate and the return could be BIG. buy, buy buy. Now and often :-)