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  • ASCO meeting for ONYX-015 is scheduled for an
    oral presentation on May 16th at 1:30 EDT (in Atlanta)
    for the phase II chemotherapy/ONYX-015 combination
    trials for Head and Neck cancer. Poster sessions with
    ONYX-015 results in a phase I trial for Pancreatic
    Carcinoma will be on May 16th, and May 18th as a
    preliminary report of ONYX-015 administered by mouthwash as a
    preventative against Oral Dyslastic Lesions. The stock has
    historically risen just before these presentations are given,
    and I don't see why it won't now.

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    • Looks like the "great news" still means the day traders are getting out. Look for 6 by the end of today.

    • How old is your news? Could not see a date when looking it up?

    • here. but there are lot more bulls.
      look, if
      there are people investing on the internet, what do you
      think about cancer cure. the internet business is not
      as real as a cure for detrimental disease. internet
      is about billions of dollars, cancer cure is about
      millions of lives, how how much does is yours worth?

      lets face the facts, this is 'real news over old
      news'. combine the new and the old, it's great news.


      Breakthrough cancer results. ONXX will soar tomorrow!

    • ONXX is now in advanced Phase II trials
      humans. This paper
      simply elucidated that the trials
      are proceeding much
      better than expected, via
      unanticipated pathways.
      It also indicates that the drug has
      much wider
      degree of indication. That is NEW

      Unlike Entremed, the drug/virus is now in humans
      in rodents). We're that much closer to
      a product!

    • They have done the samething thousands of drugs
      and treatments have done before looked promising in
      testing, which is far from being marketed or approved. The
      paper and research was already done they just made a
      presentation. Only about one in 10000 treatments ever make it
      to market none the less go over well. This is not a
      new thing don't go bust on this. This was old news

    • 1.)This stock will at least triple tomorrow

      Makes sense.... they cured cancer right? Worth any

      2.)I do expect to see this stock going above and
      beyond 80s.
      Since it's is already in clinic trial and
      heals detrimental
      disease. Now is the best time to
      buy, even at $30 or $40, if I have the

      Again, makes a good case... cure for cancer after all...
      hey this guy sounds credible!

      3.) I will hold
      this like I am holding Yahoo(Gold online).

      Awww crap.... just another on line

      DAK :)

    • I saw the rise of Onxx out of the corner of my eye on CNBC. So I bought a bunch.....What are the chances. You guys must be kidding me!

    • DRMD, CYTL and GERN were significantly

      DRMD's runup was because of an estrogen replacement drug
      - hardly as significant to the human

      CYTL and GERN's runups were caused by favorable
      results in mouse studies, in early phase clinical

      ONXX is about specific successes in reducing and
      elminating cancer in humans. Do you see the difference? This
      isn't about "maybes", but reality. I agree that lots of
      us have seen this coming, but the fruition is what
      sets this one apart. By all rights, this should be
      MUCH bigger than Viagra. The people that buy in under
      $50 will be multi-millionares, and they don't even
      need to be scientists - the Reuters article put it in
      near-layman terms.

    • There was no after-hours trading on instinet.

      The trades you quote were late reported trades.

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