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  • mcphers733 mcphers733 Apr 14, 1999 11:01 PM Flag

    Remember there are already shorts...

    The important thing to remeber is ONXX is real and
    there is a demand for treatments that work.

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    • You need medication... and fast! I have no idea what your rant is even loosely connected to. Get a grip!

    • Multi-Millionaires!, shatter all rock and
      metal!!!! Like shards away all when they make their
      presence known!! they always come in Peace and leave in
      Peace!!! The Destruction left! Becomes mercenary plot!!!
      and Defensive Hold for the onslaught! So now, the
      silent and quiet of the Dawn awaits all!! Us, DTS' and
      SMTS" lined up in defensive positions for the Real MM's
      to hit and frag the beyond Hills and then git the h
      out and We do the rest!!! Or are they chickens under
      the skirts of Radcliffe hehehe I as a Chippewa Chief
      Grandson think they are! Hiding under skirts
      hehehehahahaHohohohoho now I know what blueskin means hohohoho!!!!! Til
      the Eagle Flys in Blue Hahahahaha!

    • We have come! We've Seen, and We've Conquered!!!!
      There is no Way ONXX is going to be a factor in
      Warner-Lambert takeover at This Critical Stage!!! Mind All!!, 11
      million shares to the public!! And none to Warner-Lambert
      no matter what their cost! They took a little but,
      we the shareholders take the price! and that price
      is astronumerical!! to say the least after today!!
      Listen, all shareholders we have U>S> & Europe!
      Patents!!! Hold for Gold!! and to hell freezes over OUR
      SHARES! Not so close so close! til ASCO May 16! Hold for
      Gold!!!! We prop up and hold up ONXX and can accelerate it
      up in a 1/2 hr!!! We are thee StockHolders!!!!

    • iT WAS for Neck/Head and now for numerous cancer cures! Can it be for Lungs too? Read on Cancer BOY!!!! Maybe! Who Knows!!! Cancer Boy! U seemed to pop up recently Huh?

    • > needs to be tested for efficacy
      > and
      safety on a larger scale

      In other words, it could
      turn out that it isn't
      effective or safe enough.
      History is full of
      "promising" drugs that didn't
      survive Phase III.
      Of course, most of the people
      posting here have
      already invested in ONXX I expect,
      so they're
      speculating that the optimistic view
      is the
      right one.

    • Money/support to conduct a phase III trial is a
      dire necessity for ONXX, and it has to come from
      somewhere. I am not sure how you mean Onyx-015 will bypass
      later phases, it still needs to be tested for efficacy
      and safety on a larger scale. Support from a large
      pharmaceutical company, in regards to late phase Onyx-015
      development, may serve to inform a wider audience of the
      potential of the drug. Theoretically, a large public demand
      may influence the FDA to view Onyx-015 as a high
      priority drug candidate, which may speed things up a bit.
      I would not be so bold as to call Onyx-015 the cure
      for cancer, every "magic bullet" seems to have some
      drawbacks, and this is no exception. However, I do share
      your enthusiasm!!

      good luck

    • WLA rumor.

      I heard that onyx-015 may
      (by)pass other phrases quickly and
      make cancer cure
      available to hospitals. there are millions of
      cancer patient is waiting for onyx-015, they can
      FDA for delaying the cure and cause thier death.

    • I noticed an interesting Reuters article with the
      head of WLA, who mentioned that the company is in a
      strong financial position, and does not want to "leave
      the money in the bank"...they have recently acquired
      Agouron Pharm., and the article suggested they will be
      eyeing others...

      i wonder if this will in any way
      affect ONXX, not necessarily a takeover, but perhaps
      more extensive far as I understand
      the WLA collaboration does not involve ONYX-015, but
      you must admit that results are promising, and the
      patents (new and old) must be enticing.

      article is from 4/27 and is posted on the WLA News board
      (very short, very little detail)

    • Onyx has been ready to move since mid-year 1996.
      I personally think at some point in time it will.
      In fact, the potential is so large, that I would
      recommend holding a little piece of it in any and all stock
      portfolios. One of two courses of action are going to take
      place with Onyx. I don't know which. One, Onyx would be
      bought out by a larger drug company. And two, Onyx-015
      goes into Phase III trails. The problem is, Onyx
      doesn't know HOW Onyx-015 works. Money is not an issue
      because Onyx can come to the stockholders and offer 1
      share of stock for every two that are owned at a
      reduced price. Any stockholder would be able to pick up
      any of these unclaimed options at that price. Any
      individual stockholder would not get everything extra they
      asked for because of an over subscription. If the
      option price were $5.00, this would add $25,000,000 to
      Onyx's balance sheet.

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