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  • jfitisoff jfitisoff May 1, 1999 8:04 PM Flag

    re: burn rate

    <<$32 million in cash, with a burn rate of $3 million/yr>>

    It's actually a lot higher than that, but I like the company too.

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    • Welcome back to single digits...Well, the
      traditional "good news from ONYX-015 or asco" sell off is now
      in full swing. This stock always seems to plummet
      after good news is presented at (NEWS). NOT JUST ONXX,
      bio company dare to add so much. So far its down and
      dropping to the fair value price. This is truly the
      "anti-stock" that acts just the opposite as would be expected.
      Back to 11-10 or by next Friday. .... solid
      possibility. 7-6 later weeks, Then the buyout can begin...


    • Movement of this stock in the last year or so has
      been extrememly consistent with what has happened the
      past few days. Up and down...up and down. I expect
      that once it gets to $10 it'll start going back down
      again. I think insiders buying would move volume to well
      above today's total. Good news has been bad news
      recently for those of us who are long anyway. However, I
      agree that soon it'll breakthrough and climb towards
      the mid-teens.

    • Why the hell does a "weak volume" (76,000 shares
      don't seem so weak to me!) with the stock going up with
      more buyin than sellin imply that insiders or those
      awaiting "Phase III" are not the ones buying? What makes
      you think this is random investors? Why weren't they
      randomizing before this Phase III stuff came up? Your just
      guessing like me! I'm banking that I'm right; sorry sonny.

    • The low volume implies that this wasn't
      "knowledge of Phase III being imminent" by insiders or
      others. Rather, it seems like it was a few random
      investors noticing the stock and placing market orders,
      combined with the fact that those who own the stock are
      not willing to sell for $8. This makes sense because
      anyone in this stock has to be thinking long term--not
      0.1% increases each day, but rather a huge surge at
      some point when the next phase of developement is

    • Thats mighty friendly there youngin, thanks for
      the info. This stock is jumping up like a cat on a
      hot car hood! Could it go up a whole dollar I wonder
      today? Must be that Phase III everyone is talking about.
      Folks on the inside are piling away shares, knowin that
      in a few months they can cash in! Rich gettin richer
      I suppose.

    • with all due respect, and as a newcomer to ONXX.
      This technology is very attractive and there is a lot
      of speculation going on in the cancer research
      field. I believe there is a fair amount of interest in
      this company and a very small float. Any significant
      accumulation will drive this thing up in an instant (the
      converse is also true). Most stock prices are 50% psych
      and 50% fundamental (netstocks are 95% and 5%,
      respectively) and so I'll agree halfway with your hysteria

      the humble TUNA

    • over a year and the phase ii indications were
      about 50%
      effective for product it
      cannot be any news
      from that front...i think it is
      self induced hysteria
      originated by day will blow over by friday

    • Does anyone know why this thing is up over that last few days? Is there an annouuncement coming? or is it just finding some momentum??

    • If a drug developer has a potential drug, it must
      test the
      drug for safety and effectiveness before
      it can be sold.
      Phase II tests are tests on
      humans. Only a few dozen subjects
      are involved.
      Therefore phase II tests are relatively
      inexpensive to
      perform. If a drug performs well and seems to be
      it can then be tested much more extensively, with
      of subjects and with numerous protocols. That is
      phase III and
      it is usually very costly to carry

      Onyx has a drug, onyx-015, which looks
      promising as a cancer cure
      based on phase II tests. The
      company has not yet begun phase III
      testing, probably
      because it needs to find some way to pay for

    • I ain't got no knowledge on Phase III trials at
      all! What the hell is a Phase III trial anyway. Is
      that a legal term or what?
      Is A Phase III trial
      worse than a Phase II or I trial? Help an old man out

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