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  • ken_b_long ken_b_long Apr 10, 2000 11:34 AM Flag

    Big Volume Today!!!

    1.1M shares traded as of 11:30 a.m. Not much price movement, though. Something must be about to happen... Announcement of Phase III trials this week?

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    • don't pay any attention to azernie (an imposter of AZErnie); he's a clown. If he weren't invested, he wouldn't bother reading & posting his nonsense.

    • Or maybe you're just another dumb ass who refuses
      to admit that the biotech craze is over.

      you could only see how desperate and pathetic your
      message is...

      You're an idiot. Get out now before
      you lose everything.

    • that i am smarter than the market.when i see
      biotech issues with market caps in the billions nowhere
      near phase 3 and clinical success only in a handful of
      mice onxx looks almost to the 10k at and you will see the positive results from their
      trials.asco about a month away.i am not talking about going
      up a few points but a 1,10 or 20 billion market cap
      takes this up hundreds of dollars.maybe the public is
      being distracted into the new biotech stocks just
      beginning trials and has forgotten about companies from a
      few years ago that are getting closer to final fda
      approval after
      years of research.its just hard to
      believe that wall street can keep a secret this long

    • VN you make good points about the lack of leaking testimonials. any ideas where to look, and is it possible the parties involved don't know enough facts and do not want to cry wolf.

    • Can you explain why you have so much money
      invested in this company when you obviously know nothing
      about clinical trials?

      You have no business
      investing in this kind of company with your level of

      Have you ever heard of a double blind study, jackass?

    • We have identified United States Patent No.
      5,837,520 that covers methods of
      purification of viral
      vectors. Canji, Inc. either owns or has licensed
      rights to this patent. We may seek a license under this
      patent from Canji.
      However, if such license were not
      available at commercially reasonably terms, or
      at all,
      we would develop purification methods that are not
      covered by the
      patent. In any event, we do not believe
      that this patent will have a material
      effect on our business assets, liabilities, financial
      operations or prospects.

      We have identified four
      European Patent Applications, EPA 415, 731; EPA
      539; EPA 657, 540; and EPA 690, 129, that claim
      enzymes for converting prodrugs
      to their active forms
      for treating disease, including cancer, and methods
      delivering the enzymes using virions. Glaxo Wellcome either
      owns or has licensed
      the rights to these patent
      applications. The European Applications were filed in
      and as yet, have not been granted. It is assumed that
      one or more
      corresponding United States patent
      applications have been filed, but as yet none
      have issued.
      The issuance of any of these patent applications in
      either Europe
      or the United States will not prevent
      us from developing and commercializing
      However, there can be no assurance that these patent
      should they issue, will not adversely affect our freedom
      to operate in the area
      of armed viruses, that is,
      viruses that we may develop that have
      into them prodrug converting enzymes. Moreover, there
      can be no assurances that
      we would be successful
      in challenging any such claims, under any such
      patents if
      they were to issue, or that a license would
      be available.

      We have also identified a PCT
      patent application, PCT/US98/04080, that
      pegylated adenovirus. Pegylation is one of many methods we
      are exploring
      to modify our viruses for systemic
      delivery. Calydon, Inc. filed this
      application with a
      priority date of March 3, 1997. Corresponding
      applications are also pending in the United States. There can
      be no assurance
      that these patent applications,
      should they issue, will not restrict our freedom
      operate in the area of pegylated adenovirus.

      June 1997, ICT Pharmaceuticals, Inc. notified us of
      two issued United
      States Patents, Nos. 4,980,281
      and 5,266,464 that ICT believes cover the use of
      cell for the screening, testing or pharmacological
      characterization of new
      drugs or other substances. Foreign
      counterparts of the U.S. patents are pending.
      ICT has
      offered us a license to the patents. We have not
      determined whether to
      negotiate a license. In any event,
      we do not believe that these patents will
      have a
      material adverse effect on our business, assets,
      liabilities, financial
      condition, operations or

      Hope that helps...Good luck all!!!

    • technique...from their latest sec filing
      I am
      pretty comfortable with their up-front
      From the document:

      "With respect to ONYX-015
      and selectively-replicating viruses, we are
      of a patent application filed in the United States,
      Europe, Japan and Canada by
      General Hospital
      Corporation, an affiliate of Massachusetts General
      This patent application is related to research
      involving a modified herpes
      simplex virus but it also
      includes broader claims that, if they were to
      would cover ONYX-015 and other selectively-replicating
      viruses. We believe, and
      have received an opinion from
      outside counsel to the effect, that such broad
      made in the General Hospital patent application are
      not patentable.
      Consistent with this opinion is a
      review of the European patent status of the
      Hospital patent application, which shows that the patent
      examiner is
      requiring that the claims be limited to
      herpes viruses. However, there can be no
      these broad claims will not issue in one or more
      countries, that we
      would be successful in challenging any
      such claims, or that a license would be
      under any such patent if it were to


    • ...

    • If ONXX should happen to have the goods to treat
      or perhaps cure cancer wouldnt the people in phase 1
      and 2 trails that got better tell other people,
      friends, relatives and so on.the nurses and doctors that
      see the results wouldnt they tell their friends,
      relatives and colleagues.wouldnt the word of mouth have
      gotten to be so great in the last year that this stock
      would be going thru the roof.wouldnt the media have
      picked up on it somewhere besides the guy in the nytimes
      and cnn newsstand.if this drug becomes reality it may
      be one of the best kept secrets in history.
      there is a conspiracy to not cure cancer.are the small
      group of current shareholders and people on this board
      all so much smarter than the rest of the world. I
      the latest 10k where you can read the results for

    • Onyx 15 gets its name from the fifteenth virus
      tried. Where does Onyx 838 get its name?

      techincal issue with Onyx is no whether or not the virus
      kills cancer cells which are missing P53 gene activity.
      These all do. But how to get the drug to the cancer.
      Phase II demonstrated 27% cure -- 8 of thirty. Wow,
      this is important, but for many a disappointment. The
      expectation was far higher. What they found is yet another
      body defence against virus. This has been the problem
      with this drug. Onyx has found away around this
      problem -- Abstract 1. I think I saw somewhere that Onyx
      is currently doing a Phase IIb test with this
      solution. Both Phase II tests count toward phase

      By the way, if Onyx came up with a better cure rate,
      Onyx-015 would be fast tracked at the FDA.

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