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  • dtprun dtprun Aug 7, 2000 11:20 AM Flag

    ...KNIFE finds image of self in toilet


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    • I was never long, idiot. LOL!!! Reread posts you dumb fool.

    • Bioinvestor2--
      Anyone scanning through your
      past postings:
      Short on
      then you suddenly decide to go long on ONXX.
      you're like Chicken Little. Make up your mind. Here's a
      novel idea, why not RESEARCH something BEFORE you buy,
      el dumbo. based on what I've seen here, your level
      of analysis & maturity are comparable to a Happy
      Meal. Lets aren't a very good short. You
      aren't a very good long either. Just what ARE you good

      I suggest you spend less time typing, and
      more time researching.

    • Go on and dream all you want - if you can find a
      silver lining here - you better get your butt over to
      CNBC before the rest of the world drops this POS like
      smelly shit.
      BTW: in spanish it's nunca problema, el

    • As to the OLD argument "What if PFE decides not
      to finance the rest of

      OSIP stockholders seemed pretty darn happy to have all
      of the future revenue, when PFE let them go in order
      to consumate the merger with WLA. Check the OSIP
      board & stock price at that time.

      If PFE lets
      ONXX go after financing much of Phase-III, we should
      be able to get a similar pop up. After all, our
      share of the pie will be bigger, for If ONXX needed
      financing from another pharma to complete Phase-III, I
      imagine ONXX be in a position to negotiate an even BETTER
      deal than the original WLA deal. After all WLA/PFE
      already shelled out some buck$ for Phase-III, therefore
      the money needed to complete P-III is reduced. It's
      like buying a new car, when the guy before you paid
      for part of it in cash, then backed out. I doubt we'd
      be lucky enough to have that happen, so PFE will
      keep funding us. WLA bought in to ONXX. PFE bought in
      to ONXX.

      So much for the analysis from the

    • I think you should look at IMCL again and look at
      how much cash they have. Then consider that debt you
      are considering is really nothing of the sort. Why
      not take another look. As for IMCL versus ONXX -
      Imclone has results from phase II and an almost completed
      phase III in multiple indications - and the results are
      recent (i.e. not from 1998) the are also flush with cash
      and are beginning to test anti-angiogenesis
      antibodies. The anti-angiogenesis and antiEGFr antibodies are
      both potential blockbusters which could be on the
      market within 12 months.

      Onyx - has 30+ million
      in cash - recently had a major research cutback to
      slow down burn rate- maybe 10 or so quarter at a max.
      The have outlicensed their drugs and therefore even
      if approved they will not benefit from them except
      in milestone and royalties. They have used these
      upfront payments to keep the ship afloat while they try
      to begin a phase III nad potentially Onyx 015 will
      never get approved because its efficacy is unproven
      versus control chemo patients, toxicity, side effects,
      and neutralizing antibodies. And finally

      cannot work against tumor mets without reinjection and
      definitely not work on micro-mets - IMCL is just an
      injection and boom. Potential local and distal antitumor

      Please look into the companies you are writing about
      before making silly comparisons. ONXX is not in IMCL's
      league - not even close.

      good luck

    • ``Previous data on ONYX-015 or CI-1042, renamed
      under the collaboration with Warner-Lambert,
      demonstrated activity in combination with standard
      chemotherapy against recurrent head and neck tumors when
      administered intratumorally,'' said Hollings Renton, President
      and Chief Executive Officer of Onyx Pharmaceuticals.

    • Nothing more fun than doing the fake swap in
      midstream. Longs jump for joy when obnoxious shorts come to
      their side. Did cover 2k shares at 17 very early from a
      placed stop. Holding 5500s. at various pts. from 19.375
      to lower 18's. Been in and out several times as I've
      mentioned before. This is awesome. Sorry to drag you into
      knife (or did you know?)

    • back at ASCO.

      Not sure why.

    • What the hell are you arguing about? Your investment is about to go down the tubes. Oh,my god, how funny is this?

    • You don't sound so confidant........

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