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  • heezdedjim_2002 heezdedjim_2002 Feb 1, 2005 3:50 PM Flag


    I owned this stock SO FUCKING LONG that when I saw the price just now I panicked. I had to remnind myself I don't own it anymore. It's a small favor but Thank God for it.

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    • Amen. What HAPPENED?-- did Castello get a contract extension -- or is it the 60M offering -- it looks like "death" spiral stuff.

      Glad I'm out -- daytrading is a lot easier than holding XOMA.


    • On the chance you're considering re-entry, think how good you felt when you realized you were outta here. Okay, c'mon in...the water's fine.

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      • "Okay, c'mon in...the water's fine."

        Hey, what'd I ever do to you that you'd ask me to buy back this stock? I don't remember ever insulting you, at least not deliberately. I'd only tell my worst enemies to buy this stock NOW. This stock is floating in toilet water, my friend. My advice to anyone floating with it would be to get out before it starts swirling around and down. Know what I mean? I hope no one's insulted by my presence here. I feel like the Bruce Willis character in "Unbreakable" when he goes to visit the train he was on that crashed. You know, the one everyone else but him died on. BTW, I'm glad that complete stranger to REAL pussy, winny the punk, got caught flat-footed in this one. He'll say he made a killing in it but I know better. I know that victim inside and out. "Shparrow up you ass now, Kiddies!! LOL!!!

    • you are simply a retard moron that has nothing to do but been posting with 200 shares of XOMA, now that you little chicken who had just sold your shares, exit this way please.

      Get out ! thank you.

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